Auto feed paper shredders, otherwise known as self-feeding or automatic paper shredders have been around for some time dating back almost 30 years. They have been continually improved throughout this time bringing us to where we are today. The early auto-feed paper shredders were introduced by REXEL. Being early models, they were nowhere near as efficient as the auto feed shredders of today. They were also expensive and quite large.

In this day and age, automation is growing faster than ever before. It’s unbelievable to think that cars can drive themselves, park themselves and can even recognise distance before breaking. As automated machinery is becoming more common in today’s world, shredding paper has also leapt into the fast-moving future. Shredding paper automatically is a new and far more efficient way of shredding. Once the paper has been loaded into the feed tray, the shredder can automatically start the shredding process. You may be thinking… What is the difference betwe

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