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  1. Media Destruction Equipment

    When physically destroying media, using approved equipment can provide a level of certainty that that data residing on the media is actually destroyed.

    Approved equipment includes destruction equipment listed in the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC)’s Security Equipment Evaluated Products List, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)’s Security Equipment Guide (SEG)-009, Optical Media Shredders, and ASIO’s SEG-018, Destructors.

    ASIO’s SEG-009 and SEG-018 are available from the Protective Security Policy govdex community or ASIO by email.

    If using degaussers to destroy media, the United States’ National Security Agency maintains a list of evaluated degaussers while the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre maintains a list of certified degaussers.

    For information on Media Destruction

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  2. Class A & Class B Paper Shredding Machines

    The Australian Government uses three information security classifications including: Protected, Secret and Top Secret. These three security classifications are based on the likely damage resulting from compromise of the information's confidentiality. The security classification to shred to, is determined by protective markings and in accordance with the Business Impact Level.

    Approved High Security Paper Shredders used by the Australian government are referred to Class A and Class B paper shredders. These certified paper shredding machines can be used for the destruction of information sensitive and security classified, paper based information including Protected, Secret

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