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  1. Paper Shredder Compliance for Security Classified Information

    Paper Shredder Compliance for Security Classified Information

    Class A paper shredders must completely satisfy all requirements of the Security Equipment Guide  SEG001.1 testing standard. The methodology and procedures for Class A paper shredder testing are clearly outlined in the ASIO T4 protective security, Security Equipment Guide SEG001.1.

    Class A Cross Cut paper shredders are required for the shredding of paper classified at Secret and Top Secret.

    Some compliance requirements of Class A paper shredders include:

    • Producing Cross Cut shredded residue of a nominal particle size of 1mm x 20mm or less.
    • Paper must be totally visible until reaching through the blades and ingested.
    • No alternative paper feeding path is possible.

    Like Class A paper shredders, Class B Cross Cut paper shredders are required for the shredding of information classified at Confidential and Protected.

    In addition

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  2. What Users Think of Auto Feeding Shredder Brands

    Load the Tray and Walk Away!

    What Users Think of Their Automatically Feeding Paper Shredders?

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  3. Automatic Feeding Paper Shredders

    One observation in common with the paperless office, is the journey of how paper departs, how regularly this happens and in what volumes. Typically, outgoing paper has been scanned because it is usually of a relevant and often confidential nature.

    These sensitive documents tend to quickly arrive in bundles and are best shredded, however often stockpiled causing paper congestion. Due to lack of time, is not practical, nor efficient to destroy paper in these stacks by using a hand fed shredder.

    Just as paper is scanned through a document feeder, the same can be achieved when shredding by using an automatic feeding paper shredder.

    The capabilities of auto feeding paper shredding machines have come a long way due to the ongoing development and continuous improvement of this popular shredding technology.

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