Choosing a paper shredder for a ‘working from home office’?

COVID-19 has really influenced the way many businesses operate day to day. Working from home is becoming more common as it greatly reduces the risk of transmission, thanks to its social distancing aspect.

As we work from home more often, the more documents/paperwork can pile up. In many industries, this paperwork contains sensitive information regarding the employer’s business information, personal information about clients and employees. So the need to handle this information security is still the same as it would be in your normal workplace.

Your workplace may use a secure bin service or may have large paper shredders which makes handling this information easy. But now you are working from home, having a secure bin at your home office is not appealing to your decor or even practical because of the high costs involved. So your best solution is likely a well suited paper shredder.

But how do we

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