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  1. A Green Recovery

    A Green Recovery

    The shift to online shopping due to movement restrictions and social distancing has also cast a light on the environmental footprint of supply chains and triggered a push to reduce end to end waste.

    Traditional bricks and mortar shoppers negated the need for freight packaging, however one result of the pandemic, is the greater volumes of packaging consumers receive involved with increasing online shopping – not to mention increased carbon emissions created by more frequent deliveries.

    There is increasing consumer awareness surrounding additional packaging including plastic bubble wrap, polystyrene and cardboard being used to ensure that products purchased online, are well protected and arrive in good order. No doubt suppliers are well aware of this fact with rising packaging expenses.

    With buying behaviours trending more towards online, many suppliers of goods are reaching out to find more environmentally responsible, sustainable a

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  2. Save Time Auto Feed Paper Shredding


    It seems not long ago relatively speaking, the ability to shred printed paper stacks automatically was only a dream, something like that of a science fiction context.

    Times have changed like many things and shredding stacks of unwanted, sensitive documents while focussing on other tasks around the office has become reality.

    Welcome to the world of paper shredders that shred your documents by the stack, automatically! These clever machines have evolved at a rapid pace, especially over the last 10 years and have become increasingly improved.

    Hand Load Automaster Lock Automaster 

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  3. Waste Less - Recycle More

    Waste Less - Recycle More

    Play Your Part as we T
    ransition to a Circular Economy

    Circular Economy Illustration

    New South Wales government environmental protection programs are in place with initiatives to provide free help and support to businesses. By educating businesses, government environmental protection initiatives help maximise recycling by diverting waste that would otherwise be abandoned to landfill. It also helps save time and money, while caring for our environment.

    Roughly 70% of the things in a business’s general waste bin can be reused or recycled. From cardboard, paper, aluminium and plastic through to food waste – so much of this ends up in the general waste bin, when it could be repurposed, converted or recycled.

    Minimising the amount of waste your business sends to landfill is

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