Shredder Sales, supply wide variety of office shredders that simply get the job done of protection your business data!

Understanding our day at the office is very different compared to years gone by, no longer do we have the spare time to catch up on those jobs put on the backburner.

As Shredding Workflows vary greatly between offices, it’s comforting to know you will easily find a suitable paper shredder that’s perfectly matched to yours needs.

When the right sized document shredding machine is chosen, the selected device will efficiently complete the work required and with minimal impact on your human resources.

Our extensive range of high quality paper shredding machines include leading shredder brands like INFOSTOP, IDEAL, REXEL & FELLOWES.

Auto Feed, Walk Away and Stack & Shred paper shredders are readily available on the Shredder Sales website. REXEL and FELLOWES are the leading Automatic Feeding document shredder brands available in Australia which includes an excellent choice of sizes to suit the small home user to the busiest office requirements.

Heavy duty commercial office shredders available from Shredder Sales are still unmatched for sheer speed and flexibility of shredding, with increased waste capacities, higher reliability and superior productivity. The range of heavy duty shredders are up to 25 times faster than even the largest of Auto Feeding paper shredders.

Shredder Sales Industrial, high capacity range of paper and cardboard shredders consists of hand feed and convenient conveyor feed variants with sheet capacities ranging up to 550 sheets thickness per pass. Output conveyors are also an option available for some larger high capacity and industrial shredder models. The output conveyors available prove very handy and in the majority of cases, are a must have option as productivity gains are too great to ignore. Output conveyors take your shredded paper away, usually depositing the shreds of paper into a larger receptacle that is more easily handled, this streamlines the handling of outgoing waste and easily doubles productivity.

Throughout the Shredder Sales website, you will find, strip cut, cross cut and high security Class A & Class B paper and optical media shredders, approved by the Australian government for shredding classified information within government offices. Many models will also shred documents that contain paper fasteners such as paper clips, pins and staples plus optical media such as CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs.

Whatever your shredding requirements you will find the shredder you need from Shredder Sales.

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