Be a Rockstar Recycler in Business

The Business Recycling website has released a Workplace Recycling guide. This guide will help you and your colleagues reach recycling stardom!

You do not have to be a manager or deal with waste contractors to have a positive impact. These tips will help inform you with positive environmental ways and help to implement whatever your current role is at work.

In business, positive environmental ways does not just stop at the office, but also extends to warehouses and distribution centres for instance. The cardboard waste stream is ever-evolving for businesses with shipment-based transactions and Cardboard Box Perforating Shredders are changing the way waste cardboard is valued not only by businesses generating this, but also by recipients in a very positive environmental light.

Waste cardboard once perforated then used for protective packaging, is considered by all as an extremely responsible method of packaging products in an environmental sense and is an effective and easy way to transition away from plastic packaging.

Help make a significant difference to meeting your environmental targets with GreenWay cardboard box perforating shredders. These are easy to integrate into the warehouse for those businesses dispatching product. Users find these cardboard perforators easy and fast to use and at the same time making a big difference for all internal and external stakeholders as a responsible environmental contributor.

Most promising about the difference GreenWay cardboard box perforating shredders make, is the instant and tangible result of straight away diverting used cardboard boxes from landfill by converting them into genuinely useful and eco-friendly product packaging and void fill material.

The Planet Ark Environmental Foundation also provides businesses with a wealth of useful information to help meet your environmental targets. Common points of interest for most businesses include:

The Circular Economy Hub

The What Why and How of Business Recycling

There are many businesses benefiting by sharing their Green Ways with and practices with other businesses and this all starts with changing behaviours.

GreenWay cardboard box perforating shredders are making a positive environment and commercial impact to many businesses around Australia and New Zealand. These machines help position businesses to be easily more active and effective contributors to our circular economy.