Responsible corporate stewardship involving our environment includes the use of sustainable resources in the most effective and efficient manner. For every business, methods of upcycling that reduce environmental impact and financial costs are viewed as the pinnacle of sustainable business outcomes.

True upcycling is a far more efficient process compared to recycling and is viewed in an incredibly positive light. Significantly less energy and resources are required to upcycle a spent resource into useful material, essentially harnessing a used product, extending its useful life in circulation and diverting from landfill.

With cardboard being the universal packaging material of choice, it’s no wonder why this eco-friendly packaging is widely available subsequent to its initial use. For some, used cardboard is viewed as a problem, adding to disposal costs and increased landfill, Until Now!

For businesses shipping products, upcycling used cardboard boxes into perforated packaging presents multiple opportunities including:

  • Eliminating the use of single-use plastic packaging.
  • Reducing, even eliminating landfill.
  • Saving money on packaging materials.
  • Projecting a positive environmental image to customers receiving your products.
  • Being an active contributor to the circular economy.
  • Demonstrating behaviours as an environmentally responsible supplier.
  • Saving, even eliminating cardboard disposal costs.

Your GREENWAY to a Sustainable Packaging Solution

  • Quickly converts cardboard into an eco-friendly, protective packaging and void filler.
  • Flexible and mouldable absorbing netting, snugly contours around items covered.
  • Perforates multiple sheets to create greater padding volume where required.
  • Save money on packaging material purchases and disposal costs.
  • Demonstrates your green commitment and sustainability agenda.