The uptake of cardboard shredder use in Australia is steadily increasing, whats the driving force behind the increasing popularity of these machines.

Cardboard Shredder

Nowdays there is increasing focus on sustainability in business. For businesses shipping products, solutions to reduce the use of plastic packaging is constantly being researched in order to reduce environmental impact.

A vast range of businesses and industry sectors large an small have purchased Cardboard Shredders to become more sustainable in their shipping practises.
The immediate benefits of using these machines to upcycle cardboard boxes into protective packaging and void fill is rapidly driving the uptake of Cardboard Shredders and for good reason.

Cardboard shredders are steadily revolutionising how products are sustainably packaged without using plastics. Used by small, medium and large warehouses, distribution and third party fulfillment centres, these machines are creating a positive impact for all things shipped.

Whatever stage of your sustainable transition, if your organisation ships products, Shredder Sales can be the perfect partner to help make a positive environmental impact.