Our Range of Paper Shredders

Our paper shredder range

Shredder Sales supplies to the Australian market, an extensive and practical range of high quality, impressively reliable office shredders.

Class leading reliability is achieved by clever engineering delivered by our “Deep” R&D capability, we take no shortcuts in our pursuit to manufacture to the highest standards.
Our shredders components are constructed mostly in house using high quality materials, made to withstand more punishment than can be thrown at them!

The range includes “Hand Feed” & “Hands Free” Auto Feed office shredders plus High Security paper and Optical Media shredders approved for use when shredding security classified information in the Australian government. All shredder models are designed for use in Business and Government Office environments, Defence Forces and Departments of all sizes. Our range of paper shredding machines have been designed to cater for the needs encountered by Small Office, Medium Office, Large Office and High Security SCEC Endorsed and SEG Approved shredding requirements.

INFOSTOP’s latest generation of Auto Feed paper shredding machines includes the latest state of the art “Direct Feed” commercial models.
INFOSTOP “Direct Feed” automated commercial paper shredders complete shredding at least 3 times faster than all other Auto Feed shredder brands. Having no rubber feed tyres to wear out, these are virtually maintenance free being self oiling.

For government departments shredding regulated and security classified information using security approved Class A, Class B paper and Optical Media shredders, an extensive range can be found online under the High Security menu.

We also carry an innovative range of Industrial Strength, 3 phase commercial shredders designed for truly heavy duty document destruction workflows encountered when centrally shredding.
For larger scale shredding requirements, Shredder Sales supply customised high capacity shredding solutions aligned to the “Shred for Profit” production market.
We can position commercial shredding enterprises in the “Shred for Profit” market with highly productive shredding machinery for mass volume document destruction requirements.

Need Shredder Bags or Shredder Oil?

You will find an extensive range of Shredder Consumables under the Bags & Oil Menu on Shredder Sales.

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