Does your office shred mainly A4 documents and feel an A3 paper shredder is not necessary for your needs?

A3 paper shredders have fast become the preferred choice due to improved affordability. With the cost of A3 paper shredders dramatically decreasing, some leading brands have halved in cost during the last 24 months.

Now More Necessity Than Luxury!

For paper shredding machine users, while destroying A4 documents through an A3 paper shredder, the need to straighten paper before feeding is not necessary because of additional feed entry width (300mm or wider). Unless fed very crooked and to one side, paper will not crumple on the edges stopping paper jams and reducing your time spent shredding.

A3 paper shredders usually have larger cabinets adding to the waste capacity so emptying is required less.

A3 paper shredders enable A4 documents to be inserted into the shredder on the long or short sides which helps completing your shredding faster and with less fuss.

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