1. Best Paper Shredder for Working From Home

    Choosing a paper shredder for a ‘working from home office’?

    COVID-19 has really influenced the way many businesses operate day to day. Working from home is becoming more common as it greatly reduces the risk of transmission, thanks to its social distancing aspect.

    As we work from home more often, the more documents/paperwork can pile up. In many industries, this paperwork contains sensitive information regarding the employer’s business information, personal information about clients and employees. So the need to handle this information security is still the same as it would be in your normal workplace.

    Your workplace may use a secure bin service or may have large paper shredders which makes handling this information easy. But now you are working from home, having a secure bin at your home office is not appealing to your decor or even practical because of the high costs involved. So your best solution is likely a well suited paper shredder.

    But how d

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  2. Purchasing Your Paper Shredder Online Using a Reputable Suppliers eCommerce website

    Chances are, the next Paper Shredder you purchase will be researched online and ordered online from a reputable supplier using a eCommerce website.

    The Covid situation of 2020 has without doubt, created a significant shift in purchasing habits, mainly due to social distancing. No longer are retail shopping precincts considered safe and healthy shopping havens for the consumer, due to the easy transmission of this virus and the devastating consequences for some.

    This pandemic event for many, has only accelerated the use of online shopping. Shoppers are embracing the eCommerce purchasing experience now more than ever and from the convenience of their home or wherever they are.

    When purchasing a paper shredder online from the Shredder Sales website, visitors can be confident of  purchasing from a reputable shredder supplier and a straight forward online shopping experience. Shredder

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  3. An Insight Into Automatic Shredding

    Auto Feed Paper Shredders: What’s the Cut?

    The ways in which we destroy private documents has significantly evolved since 1935, when the first paper shredder was manufactured. While document destruction primarily prevents the chances of fraud and identity theft, it also has many other significant and eco-friendly advantages such as packaging delicate materials, animal bedding and even gardening applications. In a time where individuals are constantly balancing work and home life, your personal security should never be compromised. It is important to source a paper shredder that best suits your needs based on cost, time efficiency and overall performance; this is where Auto Feed paper shredder options comes to mind.

    Auto Feed office shredder technology has been available for a number of years, however it is only in more recent times, that these machines have truly evolved. Auto Feed shredders distribute paper automatically f

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  4. Paper Shredder Compliance for Security Classified Information

    Paper Shredder Compliance for Security Classified Information

    Class A paper shredders must completely satisfy all requirements of the Security Equipment Guide  SEG001.1 testing standard. The methodology and procedures for Class A paper shredder testing are clearly outlined in the ASIO T4 protective security, Security Equipment Guide SEG001.1.

    Class A Cross Cut paper shredders are required for the shredding of paper classified at Secret and Top Secret.

    Some compliance requirements of Class A paper shredders include:

    • Producing Cross Cut shredded residue of a nominal particle size of 1mm x 20mm or less.
    • Paper must be totally visible until reaching through the blades and ingested.
    • No alternative paper feeding path is possible.

    Like Class A paper shredders, Class B Cross Cut paper shredders are required for the shredding of information classified at Confidential

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  5. What Users Think of Auto Feeding Shredder Brands

    Load the Tray and Walk Away!

    What Users Think of Their Automatically Feeding Paper Shredders?

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  6. Automatic Feeding Paper Shredders

    One observation in common with the paperless office, is the journey of how paper departs, how regularly this happens and in what volumes. Typically, outgoing paper has been scanned because it is usually of a relevant and often confidential nature.

    These sensitive documents tend to quickly arrive in bundles and are best shredded, however often stockpiled causing paper congestion. Due to lack of time, is not practical, nor efficient to destroy paper in these stacks by using a hand fed shredder.

    Just as paper is scanned through a document feeder, the same can be achieved when shredding by using an automatic feeding paper shredder.

    The capabilities of auto feeding paper shredding machines have come a long way due to the ongoing development and continuous improvement of this popular shredding

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  7. Using High Security Paper Shredders

    Those provided with classified information, are required to know their responsibilities and duty of care whilst handling official information.

    For Government Departments this includes:

    • Understanding that classified, paper based information is a highly valuable resource.
    • Custodians understanding their responsibilities and duty of care.
    • That certified shredding is of paramount importance when destruction is required.

    There are several compliant methods that can provision the secure destruction ( deidentification ) of paper based, protected, secret and top secret classified information.

    Shredding official information at the office using a compliant Class A or Class B paper shredder, provides the means to instantly destroy documents whilst meeting the requirements of the PSPF

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  8. Media Destruction Equipment

    When physically destroying media, using approved equipment can provide a level of certainty that that data residing on the media is actually destroyed.

    Approved equipment includes destruction equipment listed in the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC)’s Security Equipment Evaluated Products List, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)’s Security Equipment Guide (SEG)-009, Optical Media Shredders, and ASIO’s SEG-018, Destructors.

    ASIO’s SEG-009 and SEG-018 are available from the Protective Security Policy govdex community or ASIO by email.

    If using degaussers to destroy media, the United States’ National Security Agency maintains a list of evaluated degaussers while the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre maintains a list of certified degaussers.

    For information

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  9. Class A & Class B Paper Shredding Machines

    The Australian Government uses three information security classifications including: Protected, Secret and Top Secret. These three security classifications are based on the likely damage resulting from compromise of the information's confidentiality. The security classification to shred to, is determined by protective markings and in accordance with the Business Impact Level.

    Approved High Security Paper Shredders used by the Australian government are referred to Class A and Class B paper shredders. These certified paper shredding machines can be used for the destruction of information sensitive and security classified, paper based information including

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  10. Digital Transformation and Creating a Paperless Office

    One of the key objectives as we progress towards digital transformation, is to identify opportunities that can effectively automate or even eliminate your current processes.

    Repetitive tasks, like hand feed shredding can place a strain on human resources in the office. Although this is a critical task, it consumes time and resources, distracting staff from doing potentially more valuable activities that contribute towards more relevant outcomes. 

    In the context of securing the confidentiality of your documents once scanned and digitised, is to automatically shred them once no longer required. This example of automating the essential task of shredding your documents is just one technologies that is available here and now!

    Ultimately, using an automatic feeding paper shredder frees up your peoples time to contribute more effectively towards moving your organisation forward.

    If you are committed automating the safe handling of confidential information and

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