1. Guilt Free Packaging

    Is Your Organisation Searching for a Guilt Free Packaging Solution?
    If your business has shipment based transactions, chances are you are freighting out products that sometimes require additional protective packaging and void fill to stabilise box contents.

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  2. Time Saving Tips Using Automatic Feeding Paper Shredders

    It would be accurate to assume that some consumers researching then ultimately purchasing paper shredders that automatically feed paper, buy them on the basis that the time required to hand feed documents is eliminated. However, many prospective buyers of auto feed paper shredders don’t realise there are extra ways to save time shredding in addition to having an auto feed function.

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  3. Objectives to Save Time Shredding

    Objectives to Save Time Shredding

    Users who require an Auto Feed Paper Shredder usually have clear and simple objectives in order to keep all their sensitive information secure in an efficient time saving way.

    Load Auto Feed Tray

    Office workers who take security of their information seriously, will shred all sensitive documents that need to be destroyed and will take steps to be sure documents are destroyed thoroughly, using at the minimum, a P-4 security level crosscut shredder.

    Completing shredding in the shortest possible time is also a high priority for people looking to buy a paper shredder. With technology available today, time saving shredding solutions will usually involve a degree of automation. More often now days, incorporating

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  4. Save Money and the Environment using a Cardboard Box Shredder


    Cardboard Perforators are also called Cardboard Box Shredders, Cardboard Shredders and Cardboard Recycling Machines. For any organisation shipping product and paying for the removal of excess cardboard, this usually plentiful resource can instead be upcycled into protective packaging and void fill simply by perforating it.

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  5. Is there a better way to handle excess cardboard & boxes?

    Responsible corporate stewardship involving our environment includes the use of sustainable resources in the most effective and efficient manner. For every business, methods of upcycling that reduce environmental impact and financial costs are viewed as the pinnacle of sustainable business outcomes.

    True upcycling is a far more efficient process compared to recycling and is viewed in an incredibly positive light. Significantly less energy and resources are required to upcycle a spent resource into useful material, essentially harnessing a used product, extending its useful life in circulation and diverting from landfill.

    With cardboard being the universal packaging material of choice, it’s no wonder why this eco-friendly packaging is widely available subsequent to its initial use. For some, used cardboard is viewed as a problem, adding to disposal costs and increased landfill, Until Now!

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  6. Greenway Cardboard Perforators - Ticks So Many Boxes

    Upcycle Your Excess Cardboard The Greenway

    INFOSTOP presents the Greenway CB410, CB410C and CB430 cardboard perforators.

    Greenway cardboard perforators create economical and environmentally friendly packing material from discarded cardboard boxes. These useful machines reduce the cost of packaging materials and waste disposal by perforating cardboard into a high quality effective packing material.

    INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder

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  7. Cardboard Shredders and Their Increasing Popularity

    With commerce becoming increasingly shipment-based, the more we can do to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and filler, the better. As cardboard continues to be the boxing material of choice, often there is a readily available supply which builds up less when being repurposed into eco-friendly packaging and filler material for outgoing products.

    INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder
    By using a cardboard perforating shredder, you can instantly create zero impact cardboard packaging and void fill by repurposing your waste cardboard boxes. Being green,

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  8. About Auto Feeding Paper Shredders and Brands

    A comment about the value of Auto Feed Shredders from Harry at Shredder Sales

    Recently I was confronted with the task of shredding a large pile of paper, about 30cm high. We were preparing a high-capacity cross-cut office shredder for sale as part of our pre-delivery/QA processes prior to shipping. While preparing this extra-large office shredder which is designed for shredding very large volumes quickly in busy offices with many users, I was given the job of shredding this large stack of paper from our administration department. This was a great opportunity to destroy our own confidential documents while putting this high-capacity shredder through its paces. At first, I really enjoyed feeding many sheets of paper through and feeling the powerful and swift destruction, crunching through thick piles

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  9. An Insight Into INFOSTOP Shredders

    INFOSTOP Logo 
    Australia's Own Shredder Brand

    The INFOSTOP brand of office shredders is an Australian brand with a range that focusses on practical design and sustainability with a long service life and strong service support during the product lifecycle.

    Users can enjoy everyday benefits while using INFOSTOP office shredders including:

    • User Friendly Design and Function
    • Library Quiet Operation
    • High Reliability
    • Energy Efficient Operation While in Use
    • Energy Savings While Idle

    INFOSTOP’s range has been developed with much consideration surrounding sustainability, environmental impact and minimising consequences as listed below:

    • Maximising lifecycle
    • Reducing Energy Consumption During Use
    • Eliminating Energy Consumption While I
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  10. New Range of Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ Automatic Paper Shredders

    The Optimum AutoFeed+ range provides a new generation of automatic feeding paper shredders that help increase workplace productivity whilst taking care of securely shredding your sensitive documents.

    This new Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ shredder range has changed in appearance but maintains the previous generation's advantages plus some enhancements including control touch panels.

    Bulk shredding of paper stacks is straight forward and efficient with the time taken to shred using traditional hand-fed machines eliminated. Saving time for users to get on with other important tasks.

    These time-saving auto feed machines are used by Law Firms, Financial Institutions, Government Departments, Hospitals and the Health Care Sector, Corporate Sector as well as Small Businesses working from the office or from home. They suit anyone looking for an easy shredding solution. 

    The Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ has a broad range catering from 50 – 750 sheet stacks a

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