1. Looking to buy an Auto Feed paper Shredder? Be Informed and Make the Right Choice!

    So, you’re looking to buy a new paper shredder for your office and it’s most likely replacing your old one. As you research the shredder brands available and their respective models, its likely you are finding auto feed paper shredders an attractive option due to the obvious time saving benefits.

    Home users often purchase more compact sized auto feed paper shredders with an auto feed stack capacity of 50 to 150 sheets. For offices of varying sizes, auto feed paper shredders come in larger sizes with entry office models loading capacities of approximately 200 sheets, medium size office models from 300 to 400 sheets and larger office models accepting from 550-1000 sheet stacks.   

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  2. Professional and Sustainable Packaging - Make Your Actions Matter

    As people are looking to reduce their use of environmentally high impact products and materials and instead introduce low impact strategies by reusing some products and materials, it’s amazing to see many people turning their attention to a sustainable future. There is a lot happening in the world with the fight against plastic pollution being embraced by the masses and this is evident by introducing the innovative and simple solutions we often see that make a big difference towards lowering our environmental impact.

    In business, introducing sustainable practices in the way we work that integrate seamlessly helps realise the best outcomes. All stakeholders can feel good about their individual and combined efforts to protecting our planet and contributing towards a more circular economy.

    Almost all day, every day we are surrounded by packaging waste which presents a common question, what to do with waste plastic packaging and cardboard? R

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  3. About INFOSTOP Shredders

    Know It’s Done with INFOSTOP!

    INFOSTOP Shredders do exactly what the name suggests. Stop the circulation of information by shredding paper and other data carriers into tiny particles.

    Designed to be Safe, Time Saving, Easy to Use and Sustainable, there is an INFOSTOP shredder for every need.

    Are you still working from home?  
    INFOSTOP smaller working from home sized paper shredders include models with time saving auto feed available in cross cut and micro cut security levels.

    Working at the office?
    Save valuable time shredding at your office by using INFOSTOP’s automaster automatic feeding office shredders, these save lots of time and come in many sizes small

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  4. Being an Active Business Recycler

    Be a Rockstar Recycler in Business

    The Business Recycling website has released a Workplace Recycling guide. This guide will help you and your colleagues reach recycling stardom!

    You do not have to be a manager or deal with waste contractors to have a positive impact. These tips will help inform you with positive environmental ways and help to implement whatever your current role is at work.

    In business, positive environmental ways does not just stop at the office, but also extends to warehouses and distribution centres for instance. The cardboard waste stream is ever-evolving for businesses with shipment-based transactions and Cardboard Box Perforating Shredders are changing the way waste cardboard is valued not only by businesses generating this, but also by recipients in

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  5. What are the Tangible Benefits of an Auto Feed Paper Shredder?

    Do I need an Auto Feed paper shredder? Whats the go?

    The short answer for most is simply yes, especially if you want to save almost 100% of your time shredding. To avoid disappointment, it is prudent before purchasing an auto feed shredder to first do some research on popular professional shredder brands to determine the ability of the machine to automatically feed what you need to shred.

    Most professional auto feed shredder brands feed from the bottom of the stack loaded into the feed tray. Professional auto feed shredder brands include: Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+  Fellowes Automax  Dahle Shredmatic and INFOSTOP Automaster . These brands can self-feed up to A4 sized office paper and if the paper is fastened with a staple of paper clip, these A4 documents can usually still auto feed.

    Some self-feeding shredder brands can also auto feed smaller

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  6. Continuous Improvement of Automatic Feeding Paper Shredders

    The reasons and way consumers buy and use auto feeding paper shredders has changed considerably, especially over the past decade.

    When first released to the mass market, purchasers of auto feed paper shredders pursued the novelty of hands-free paper shredding and this was at an expense.

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  7. Auto Feed Shredding & Document Security

    Auto Feed Shredding & Document Security - If its confidential, pass it though a shredder!

    With everything becoming more public, most can agree the security of our unwanted documents is constantly in our focus until we know firsthand they are securely destroyed.

    When it comes to document destruction knowing how your information is being used and destroyed, plays a vital role in our own personal security. Let alone businesses and large corporations. 

    While most document destruction companies ensure all these outsourced methods are secure and safe, how do you know what really happens once you’re documents are taken away…? With increased security breaches, more and more people are becoming aware they can securely shred in the comfort of their own office or home.

    With new technology, Auto Feed Shredding allows you to shred larger volumes for longer periods of time without the time wasted to hand feed. In particular, micro-cut Auto Fee

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  8. The How To, What and Not To of Cardboard Shredding

    The How To, What and Not To of Cardboard Shredding

    Cardboard perforators have fast become an essential item used by many businesses for shipping products. Using cardboard perforators brings many benefits with the most obvious being the upcycling of cardboard ( new and used ) into eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable packaging and void fill.

    With cardboard being the global packaging material of choice, it’s no surprise there is an abundance of used cardboard boxes available to upcycle into an effective and sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. In fact, with increasing awareness in relation to our sensitive environment and the consequences of using plastic packaging, a broader market awareness of more sustainable packaging alternatives is rapidly developing.  

    With ever increasing social and environmental responsibility, R&D surrounding sustainable packaging has been fast tracked with products now available including:

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  9. Guilt Free Packaging

    Is Your Organisation Searching for a Guilt Free Packaging Solution?
    If your business has shipment based transactions, chances are you are freighting out products that sometimes require additional protective packaging and void fill to stabilise box contents.

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  10. Time Saving Tips Using Automatic Feeding Paper Shredders

    It would be accurate to assume that some consumers researching then ultimately purchasing paper shredders that automatically feed paper, buy them on the basis that the time required to hand feed documents is eliminated. However, many prospective buyers of auto feed paper shredders don’t realise there are extra ways to save time shredding in addition to having an auto feed function.

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