1. Using High Security Paper Shredders

    Those provided with classified information, are required to know their responsibilities and duty of care whilst handling official information.

    For Government Departments this includes:

    • Understanding that classified, paper based information is a highly valuable resource.
    • Custodians understanding their responsibilities and duty of care.
    • That certified shredding is of paramount importance when destruction is required.

    There are several compliant methods that can provision the secure destruction ( deidentification ) of paper based, protected, secret and top secret classified information.

    Shredding official information at the office using a compliant Class A or Class B paper shredder, provides the means to instantly destroy documents whilst meeting the requirements of the PSPF

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  2. Media Destruction Equipment

    When physically destroying media, using approved equipment can provide a level of certainty that that data residing on the media is actually destroyed.

    Approved equipment includes destruction equipment listed in the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC)’s Security Equipment Evaluated Products List, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)’s Security Equipment Guide (SEG)-009, Optical Media Shredders, and ASIO’s SEG-018, Destructors.

    ASIO’s SEG-009 and SEG-018 are available from the Protective Security Policy govdex community or ASIO by email.

    If using degaussers to destroy media, the United States’ National Security Agency maintains a list of evaluated degaussers while the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre maintains a list of certified degaussers.

    For information

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  3. Class A & Class B Paper Shredding Machines

    The Australian Government uses three information security classifications including: Protected, Secret and Top Secret. These three security classifications are based on the likely damage resulting from compromise of the information's confidentiality. The security classification to shred to, is determined by protective markings and in accordance with the Business Impact Level.

    Approved High Security Paper Shredders used by the Australian government are referred to Class A and Class B paper shredders. These certified paper shredding machines can be used for the destruction of information sensitive and security classified, paper based information including

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  4. Digital Transformation and Creating a Paperless Office

    One of the key objectives as we progress towards digital transformation, is to identify opportunities that can effectively automate or even eliminate your current processes.

    Repetitive tasks, like hand feed shredding can place a strain on human resources in the office. Although this is a critical task, it consumes time and resources, distracting staff from doing potentially more valuable activities that contribute towards more relevant outcomes. 

    In the context of securing the confidentiality of your documents once scanned and digitised, is to automatically shred them once no longer required. This example of automating the essential task of shredding your documents is just one technologies that is available here and now!

    Ultimately, using an automatic feeding paper shredder frees up your peoples time to contribute more effectively towards moving your organisation forward.

    If you are committed automating the safe handling of confidential information and

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  5. Choosing Between an Auto Feed and Manual Feed Paper Shredder

    Knowing how to Choose a Paper Shredder that best suits your needs and budget, can for some be a confusing process, often not knowing where to start. It can be like travelling without a map.

    Obtaining sound advice from a reputable supplier with a knowledgeable product specialist, most likely is the ideal starting point.

    Most paper shredders being purchased in Australia and New Zealand are to replace an old shredder, so your shredders size and specifications are a useful starting point to determine whether you want to size up or size down or keep with the same size shredder, already familiar with the size and capability of your current machine.

    These are some questions to ask yourself and other users:

    • Does your shredder take enough thickness?
    • Is the feed opening wide enough, most office shredders are available to accept A4 and A3 paper sizes and some brands have extra
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  6. The difference between Instant and Delayed Information Destruction

    In this day and age, it so easy to delete old photos, untag yourself from "that post" and drag your unwanted document into the trash. Although a lot of businesses strive to be paperless, it’s a matter of fact that there are just some things that can’t be avoided. Unlike electronic documents when you no longer need that contract or document it’s so easy to throw it in the rubbish without thinking twice.

    automaster shredders help better manage the disposal of sensitive information by eliminating the time required to shred, this is especially effective as you just drop up to 1000 sheets into the machine and let the shredder do the shredding, so you get on with other work. Documents can be locked while auto shredding to protect sensitive information from other internal parties viewing and will unlock once shredding is complete and ready for the next user.

    Organisations who commonly outsource docum

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  7. Cross Cut shredders, what’s the latest rage?

    Well if you have been living under a rock, Cross Cut Shredding is a high security way of information destruction. Cross cut shredding is the latest technology in paper destruction. Not only does it ensures your documented information is instantly and securely destroyed, but finer shredding means more space between changing bins. Within crosscut shredders you still have many options, ranging from High Security, to everyday shredding needs. Talking to an adviser will ensure you select a shredder that will best suit your shredding needs.

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  8. Brief History & About Using Auto Feed Shredders

    Auto feed paper shredders, otherwise known as self-feeding or automatic paper shredders have been around for some time dating back almost 30 years. They have been continually improved throughout this time bringing us to where we are today. The early auto-feed paper shredders were introduced by REXEL. Being early models, they were nowhere near as efficient as the auto feed shredders of today. They were also expensive and quite large.

    In this day and age, automation is growing faster than ever before. It’s unbelievable to think that cars can drive themselves, park themselves and can even recognise distance before breaking. As automated machinery is becoming more common in today’s world, shredding paper has also leapt into the fast-moving future. Shredding paper automatically is a new and far more efficient way of shredding. Once the paper has been loaded into the feed tray, the shredder can automatically start the shredding process. You may be thinking… What is the difference betwe

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  9. GDPR compliance and paper shredders

    There is a lot of talk about online security and the responsibility of companies to protect any data they are collecting. One area that is easy to overlook is the security of physical items that store data in your office. Given how easy paper documents can fall into the wrong hands, it is as important as ever to ensure proper paper and document shredding procedures are followed.

    It is important to know that by only putting paper and documents directly into bins or recycling bins that you are at risk. Paper shredders are quick and easy to use and should always be a priority when disposing of documents. Other things that can be shredded to protect security are CDs, DVDs, credit cards and even hard drives. If you are only a small office and have large amounts of paper to shred, consider hiring a large paper shredder to help you get the job done efficiently.

    Our main tips on how to keep risk low are to always have a paper shredder in a

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  10. Are there disadvantages and risks when Buying Papers Shredder Online compared to buying in person?

    When buying paper shredders, online or in person, it can be hard to find a paper shredder that fits your needs on your own. If you happen to know exactly what you want then buying online is definitely much easier and can be more cost effective.

    Looking online for paper shredders you will also find a lot of small shredders that are only suited for home use. It really is important to find a shredder that is right for the task you are giving it!

    Another disadvantage of buying with some online companies is their service. It is very important that you are buying from a company that backs their product and are easy to contact in the case of needing help. Also important especially for larger paper shredders is finding a company that can also offer servicing and repairs in the event of a breakdown.

    At Shredder Sales we have a live chat available to help you make your selection and are contactable on 1800 808 880 to answer any questions you

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