1. Paper Shredders - The More Professional Option in Todays Modern Office

    Shredding confidential documents in the office has several advantages over using a destruction bin service. Here are some reasons why organisations might choose to shred documents in-house.

    • Immediate Control: Shredding documents in the office allows for immediate control over the disposal process. You can shred documents as soon as they are no longer needed, reducing the risk of sensitive information being mishandled during transportation or storage.
    • Security: Keeping document destruction in-house can enhance security by closing the chain of custody. External services may involve third-party transportation and handling, which introduces additional points of potential vulnerability. In-house shredding ensures that sensitive information stays within the organisation's controlled environment.
    • Cost Savings: While there is an initial cost associated with purchasing a paper shredder, in the long run, it may
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  2. Can Sustainable Packaging be Visually Pleasing?

    Absolutely, sustainable packaging can be visually pleasing and innovative. In fact, many businesses are actively working to create packaging that not only meets eco-friendly criteria but also appeals to consumers aesthetically. There are several ways in which sustainable packaging can be visually attractive:

    Creative Design: Sustainable packaging can be designed in creative and visually appealing ways. This includes using interesting shapes, colors, and graphics to make the packaging stand out when displayed.

    Crinkle Cut Paper

    Artistic Branding: Companies can incorporate artistic branding elements into their sustainable packaging. This might include unique logos, illustrations, or other design elements that communicate the brand's values

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  3. Practical Eco-Friendly Void Fill Alternatives

    Eco-friendly void fill alternatives are becoming increasingly popular as businesses and consumers seek sustainable packaging solutions. Here are some of the best eco-friendly void fill alternatives:

    Biodegradable Packing Peanuts: Some companies offer packing peanuts made from biodegradable materials, such as starch or vegetable-based polymers. These dissolve in water and are compostable.

    Recycled Paper Void Fill: Void fill made from recycled paper is an excellent eco-friendly option. It can be crumpled, shredded, or formed into various shapes to provide cushioning and fill empty spaces in packages.

    Perforated Cardboard: Perforated cardboard provides a simple and cost-effective void fill solution. It can be produced in-house with a Cardboard Shredder / Perforator using surplus used or new cardboard such as used boxes. It

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  4. Is Use of Clear Packaging Tape Declining

    Some potential reasons why clear packaging tape might face challenges or a decline in usage.

    Sustainability Concerns: There has been a global shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Clear packaging tape is often made of plastic, which may not align with the growing demand for environmentally friendly options.

    Preference for Biodegradable Alternatives: Businesses and consumers are increasingly opting for packaging materials that are biodegradable or easily recyclable. Clear packaging tape made from traditional plastics might be perceived as less sustainable.

    Rise of Paper-Based Tapes: Paper-based tapes, including Kraft Paper Tape, have gained popularity due to their eco-friendly nature. The shift towards paper-based options could contribute to a decline in the use of clear plastic tape.


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  5. For What Reasons is Kraft Paper Tape Being Used

    Why the use of Kraft Paper Tape is Increasing?

    Kraft paper tape is used for various reasons in packaging and other applications due to its unique properties. Some of the key reasons include:

    Eco-friendly: Kraft paper tape is made from natural fibers and is biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly packaging option. It is often preferred by businesses and individuals looking to reduce their ecological impact.

    Recyclable: Kraft paper tape is easily recyclable along with cardboard boxes, which makes the recycling process more straightforward and helps in minimizing waste.

    Borader Acceptance: Suppliers of Packaged Product and Recipients are increasingly aware of boosting their Green Credentials while looking at ways to save money and time.

    Adhesive Properties: Kraft paper tape typically comes with a strong

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  6. Why Shredding is the Most Secure and Practical form of Document Destruction

    With much information viewed online, some relevant and often confidential hard copy content continues to be printed for sharing and review. The ability to destroy this confidential information as quickly as it’s created is essential.

    The most secure form of document destruction is typically achieved through methods that ensure the complete and irreversible destruction of the document's content. Just about everyone who actively performs document destruction takes this matter seriously to secure their confidential information against data breach and exploitation.

    Be it shredding papers yourself or by a document destruction service, it’s an important issue that requires 100% error free secure destruction in a sustainable manner. The best protective measure against identity theft and information breach is to incorporate technologies that instantly destroys your papers with minimal friction.

    When no longer required, the destruction of hard copy information at the off

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  7. Reasons Paper Continues to be Printed

    Paper is still being printed on for various reasons, despite the increasing use of digital technology and electronic documents. Here are some of the main reasons why paper continues to be used for printing:

    Tangibility: Physical documents can be held, touched, and physically signed, which can be important for legal and official purposes. For example, contracts, legal documents and important records often require original signatures for verification.

    Portability: Paper documents are easy to carry and don't need electronic devices or batteries. This makes them convenient when on the go for reference and sharing.

    Accessibility: Not everyone has access to digital devices or the internet. Printed materials ensure that information is accessible to a broader audience, including those who may not have digital access.

    Long-term storage: Paper can have a longer lifespan compared to some digital storage

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  8. Commercial and Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

    Shredder Sales supplies an extensive range of Commercial and Heavy Duty Paper Shredders to suit the needs of shredding various volumes and document sizes encountered by business, goverment and service providers.

    Characterised by larger waste capacities from 60-240 litres, with higher sheet capacities and faster shredding speeds, these larger machines shred at levels of productivity unmatched by small office shredders and are the perfect solution for busy departments and for those destroying large volumes of documents.

    Being designed to shred papers fast, the option of wider feed entries up to and beyond A3 size helps feeding paper into the shredder easier, again saving time completing the shredding faster.

    Typically this category of heavy duty office shredder can be operated for long continuous

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  9. Does my cardboard shredder/perforator need oiling?

    No, your GreenWay cardboard perforator does not need oiling like a paper shredder.

    Firstly we need to understand what the purpose of oiling the blades on a shredder is. Naturally, you may be inclined to believe that oiling shredder blades are simply to lubricate the cutters so they don’t rust or seize. Although oil may indeed help prevent this, the main purpose of oil is to actually clear out debris and the build-up of compacted material within the cutting head assembly. During the shredding process, fine paper debris can build up between the cutter and strippers...

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  10. While shredder brand, size and model is important, What Colour Should I Choose?

    When choosing a new paper shredder, not just the shape alone but the colour can also be a deciding factor.

    These choices based on aesthetics are often decided almost on a subconscious level and for this reason it pays to consider advantages of choosing the right colour.

    Let’s look-into the aesthetics and practicalities of dark versus light coloured shredders.

    Dark coloured paper shredderDark Coloured Shredders: Of sleek appearance, these can be a great visual compliment to the modern office. Dark colours with a matt finish are less prone to show up marks and scratches compared to dark coloured shredders with a gloss finish. Like anything of a dark colour, a dusty surface will easily be visible. Dark coloured office machines blend well into most office settings.

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