Know It’s Done with INFOSTOP!

INFOSTOP Shredders do exactly what the name suggests. Stop the circulation of information by shredding paper and other data carriers into tiny particles.

Designed to be Safe, Time Saving, Easy to Use and Sustainable, there is an INFOSTOP shredder for every need.

Are you still working from home?  
INFOSTOP smaller working from home sized paper shredders include models with time saving auto feed available in cross cut and micro cut security levels.

Working at the office?
Save valuable time shredding at your office by using INFOSTOP’s automaster automatic feeding office shredders, these save lots of time and come in many sizes small, medium and large with P-4 and P-5 security levels. If you prefer to hand feed or your shredding includes various sizes of paper, the manual feed range is also comprehensive comprising of small, medium and large full sized A3 office shredders available with P-2 strip, P-4 and P-5 cross or micro cut.

*Shred Hassle Free and Oil Free - No Need to Oil Blades or Remove Staples and Paper Clips.

Is Your Government Department Handling Classified Information?
INFOSTOP High Security P-5, P-6 and P-7 models meet the Australian government requirements for Class A and Class B shredding and are certified for destroying Confidential, Protected, Secret and Top Secret classified information. If you’re a contractor to the government, you are an extension of your client's objectives and may require a Class A or Class B shredder due to contractual requirements and obligations.

Does Your Organisation Shred Larger Amounts Centrally?
For larger volume central document destruction, the comprehensive commercial and Industrial Range of INFOSTOP paper and hard drive shredders cater to a variety of needs. Output conveyors integrate seamlessly with some industrial models to increase efficiency by reducing emptying and materials handling and have been proven to improve productivity. INFOSTOP has you covered with strip cut and cross cut models available across this range.

For Document Destruction Providers Shredding for Profit or Enabling Disability Employment
The industrial and heavy industrial range of INFOSTOP paper and hard drive shredders are comprehensive enough to deliver solutions for now or for the future that your organisation can grow into. Catering to a variety of applications, count on INFOSTOP to get the job done with a single pass or multi stage higher security options. Output conveyors streamline productivity by integrating seamlessly with all industrial models which in turn reduces materials handling and significantly increases productivity. This conveyor fed range is available with strip cut and cross cut variants.

Hard Drive, Hard Media and Soft Media Destruction
This INFOSTOP range of shredders is comprehensive and fulfils most destruction requirements. It’s not only paper that carries confidential or classified and top-secret information. INFOSTOP products can shred Other data carrying items including CD DVD/Blu-ray Discs ( optical media ), SSD/Laptop/Desktop and Enterprise Grade Server Hard Drives, USB and SD Media, and Back Up Tapes, Credit Card and ID Cards to name a few.

Specialist Destruction Solutions
The INFOSTOP range of Casino Shredders are used by many gaming operators and are trusted to destroy gaming assets beyond reuse and recognition, this includes playing cards, chips and dice.

Sustainable Packaging and Upcycling Solutions
Greenway Cardboard Perforating Shredders by INFOSTOP use a readily available, eco friendly and universal resource being cardboard. This packaging of choice allows organisations to transition away from plastic packaging and reduce their impact on the environment. Used boxes can be converted into perforated cardboard to surround fragile products and make padding and void fill to protect items for safe shipping and is a real alternative to bubble wrap. Perforated cardboard is one piece offering mess free packaging and can be reused or placed in the recycle bin for remanufacturing.

INFOSTOP - The Automatic Choice for Your Next Shredder!

*Applies to specific models.