The reasons and way consumers buy and use auto feeding paper shredders has changed considerably, especially over the past decade.

When first released to the mass market, purchasers of auto feed paper shredders pursued the novelty of hands-free paper shredding and this was at an expense.

Loading Paper Into Auto Feed Shredder
Nowadays paper shredder purchasers are squarely targeting the time-saving advantages of auto-feed shredders. As they have become more perfected and affordable, so has the popularity of these time-saving machines keeps increasing.

You can’t stop technological advancement and in terms of the continuous improvement to auto feeding paper shredders which has taken place over the years, greater consistency of auto feeding operation is most evident especially with easy auto feeding of paper fastened with staples and paper clips.

The next most advantageous technological advancement that makes shredding more efficient and time saving will be surrounding waste reduction. These initiatives are already being addressed by auto feed shredder manufacturers including Fellowes Automax, Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ and INFOSTOP Automaster ranges of auto feeding paper shredders. An example of this is that it’s now possible to reduce 60 litres of crosscut waste down to 25 litres of micro cut waste.
Cross Cut vs Micro Cut
This is obviously another great benefit with further convenience of less emptying along with the time savings to be enjoyed by users.

INFOSTOP Automaster have taken frequency of emptying the auto feed shredder a step further with the inclusion of auto sweeping technology. This technology stops paper piling in the middle to better utilise available bin space before stopping once full. The result when removing the bin is a flat load of paper with all available bin space used which means less frequent of emptying.

Automatic feeding paper shredders brings a great deal of convenience for users and not just in terms of the time saving auto feeding but also with oiling using mess free oil sheets. These provide a fast and effective way of oiling your shredder, as simple as shredding a piece of paper.

Paper shredders with self-feeding capability nowadays have very much transitioned to becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Due to ongoing improvements and affordability, this is not surprising.

The ongoing advancement of auto feeding paper shredders ultimately will be enjoyed by users of these time saving shredding machines.