Australia's Own Shredder Brand

The INFOSTOP brand of office shredders is an Australian brand with a range that focusses on practical design and sustainability with a long service life and strong service support during the product lifecycle.

Users can enjoy everyday benefits while using INFOSTOP office shredders including:

  • User Friendly Design and Function
  • Library Quiet Operation
  • High Reliability
  • Energy Efficient Operation While in Use
  • Energy Savings While Idle

INFOSTOP’s range has been developed with much consideration surrounding sustainability, environmental impact and minimising consequences as listed below:

  • Maximising lifecycle
  • Reducing Energy Consumption During Use
  • Eliminating Energy Consumption While Idle
  • Paper Fastener Recycling
  • Reducing and Where Possible Eliminating Consumables Use Such As Oil “Oil Free”
  • Spare Parts Support Further Extending Usable Product Life
  • Ability to Upcycle
  • Ability to Recycle at End of Life

The end-result, having the above points taken into consideration during design and development makes for an office shredder range that is truly a pleasure to use and:

  • Is Economical to Purchase
  • Long Lifecycle, Lasting Many Years
  • Has an Economical Service Life (minimal maintenance)
  • Highly Reliable
  • Reduced Shredded Waste Loads (micro cut)
  • Maximising Bin Volume (bin sweeper / micro cut, auto feed range)
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Eliminates Ongoing Consumables Costs “Oil Free” (commercial range)
  • Reduced Energy Consumption While Shredding or Idle
  • Preserves Paper Fasteners for Reuse (paper clip recovery bins, auto feed range)

The INFOSTOP automaster range of automatic feeding paper shredders set the standard for time saving, efficient and cost saving automated paper shredding. Thoughtful yet subtle technologies the automaster range includes are:

  • SURETRAK™ Auto Feed Technology for trouble free auto shredding variable paper conditions and sizes
  • “High Friction” Faster Auto Feeding of stapled sets with a greater traction feeding paper
  • Library Quiet operation with minimal levels of distractive noise for open format workspaces
  • Paper Fastener Recycling recovery bin
  • Quick Release auto feed cartridges
  • Bin Sweeper ensures waste bin is completely full before turning off when full
  • Standard Inclusion “Micro Cut” more than halves shredded waste volumes versus standard crosscut
  • Energy Efficient “no consumption” standby mode

High Security “Class A, Class B paper and high security optical media shredders can

Additional product information on the complete INFOSTOP range of manual feed, auto feed, high security, carboard, industrial and hard drive shredder range can be found on the INFOSTOP website.