ANZ Bank In Hot Water Over Privacy Breach

A recent sloppy closure of an ANZ bank branch in Armadale, Perth has left a whole community compromised.

Nine News has reported and incident of confidential documents have been found outside the branch in a rubbish skip and blown across the streets exposing names, addresses, and even account numbers of customers.   

ANZ Bank Confidential Documents I Skip Bin

This is a very serious data breach and no doubt terrifying to customers and the ANZ bank who have been entrusted with their customer's personal and confidential information.

Although in an apology by the ANZ bank who are urgently investigating what happened, the question is why these documents were not disposed of according to the bank's strict processes in place including the use of locked bins and shredding services.

Publicly however it seems ANZ doesn't care about their customer's privacy, as in the wrong hands an individual's identity can potentially be recreated with dire consequences.

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Loading Paper in Auto Feed Paper Shredder

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