Auto Feed Shredding & Document Security - If its confidential, pass it though a shredder!

With everything becoming more public, most can agree the security of our unwanted documents is constantly in our focus until we know firsthand they are securely destroyed.

When it comes to document destruction knowing how your information is being used and destroyed, plays a vital role in our own personal security. Let alone businesses and large corporations. 

While most document destruction companies ensure all these outsourced methods are secure and safe, how do you know what really happens once you’re documents are taken away…? With increased security breaches, more and more people are becoming aware they can securely shred in the comfort of their own office or home.

With new technology, Auto Feed Shredding allows you to shred larger volumes for longer periods of time without the time wasted to hand feed. In particular, micro-cut Auto Feed Paper Shredders are proving the most effective of auto feed shredders, with INFOSTOP being the only auto feed shredder brand making micro-cut a standard inclusion across the automaster range. Not only does micro-cut ensure maximum security, shredded waste if more than halved - meaning you don’t need to empty your shredders bin as often not to mention less shredded waste taking up space in your paper and recycling bins. 

With machines taking up to 650 sheets in one sitting, it's safe to say your documents are destroyed in a safe and timely manner. Our larger machines even give you the option to create 4 digit security code to lock  the machine until the cycle comes to an end - meaning all un shredded documents are secured until finished.

While Document Destruction Services may be a quick and easy fix, new technology allows us to easily destroy our confidential, paper based information in the confines of our offices and homes without consuming our precious time. 

Feel secure knowing your information is being destroyed, safely and securely.