Why choose to purchase an auto-feed shredder?

We live in a fast paced world where we always seem to be short of time. ‘Chore’ is not typically a word we associate with ‘fun’. The same goes for the workplace. Having to shred your documents can be seen as a chore, especially when you have a big pile of documents to shred and you don’t want to waste time standing at a shredder when there are far more pressing tasks needing to be completed. This is where auto-feed can be a great choice.

Auto-feed shredders are designed to save you time as you simply walk up to the machine with your pile of documents then place them all in at once. Once the machine starts, you can then walk away. You do not have to stand there feeding a few sheets of paper in at a time as the machine will do this for you.

Productive time saving and ease of shredding are the main reasons auto-feed shredders a chosen. Traditional hand-feed may still be the right choice for your specific needs though. Be sure to contact us for advice on which shredders will suit your workflow the best.