Seaweed Sheets - Can They Be Shredded?

So yesterday we received and order for a shredder however some of the delivery details were missing which prompted our customer service team to make contact with the customer for the missing delivery information.

Upon talking to the customer who ordered the shredder, they mentioned they purchased it to shred about 50kg of seaweed paper they have, this came as a real surprise! Given these unique circumstances, we had doubts the shredder would successfully shred the seaweed sheets so we purchased the OBENTO brand of seaweed sheets "Maki Sushi" from Woolworths so as we could test the machine.
Shredding Seaweed Sheets

Upon testing the shredder used shredded the OBENTO yaki nori brand of seaweed sheets for sushi very well into the perfectly sized 4x12mm particles the customer required. We also were wondering how well the particles of seaweed sheets would clear the cutters and after shredding the pack of 10 seaweed sheets, they cleared perfectly, in fact just as well as paper

Shredded Seaweed Sheets Shredded OBENTO Seaweed Sheets

The shredder used for testing was the INFOSTOP automaster AS120M 4x12mm micro cross cut.

The saying is true, you can learn a new thing every day and today we learnt two things -
1: The INFOSTOP automaster AS120M will successfully shred seaweed sheets.
2: We can make a shredder smell like a fish by shredding seaweed sheets.