Shredder Sales supplies an extensive range of Commercial and Heavy Duty Paper Shredders to suit the needs of shredding various volumes and document sizes encountered by business, goverment and service providers.

Characterised by larger waste capacities from 60-240 litres, with higher sheet capacities and faster shredding speeds, these larger machines shred at levels of productivity unmatched by small office shredders and are the perfect solution for busy departments and for those destroying large volumes of documents.

Being designed to shred papers fast, the option of wider feed entries up to and beyond A3 size helps feeding paper into the shredder easier, again saving time completing the shredding faster.

Typically this category of heavy duty office shredder can be operated for long continuous periods without the downtime of cooling down.

Regarding reliability and durability, professional brands of commercial paper shredders are built tough with no need to remove paper clips and staples prior to shredding thanks to hardened cutters.

Available in P-2 strip cut, P-4 cross cut and P-5, P-6 & P-7 higher security micro cut, the extensive commercial range of office shredders supplied by Shredder Sales suits the vast majortity of shredding applications.

Quietness of large shredders in operation is another important factor when purchasing a new paper shredder and this is where a knowledgeable product specialist can be an invaluable resource. Some shredder brands are just inherently quiet and efficient while some other shredder brands acheive low noise levels by incorporating the ability to reduce the shredding speed, though this is not ideal for fast and efficient shredding.

Typically these larger volume paper shredders are constructed of metal or wooden cabinets and range in size from approximately W450mm x D450mm x H850mm to W650mm x D600mm x H1100mm.

Usually, these large paper shredders are supplied with castors for convenient mobility, catering for these machines' heavy weights from approximately 50kg for entry commercial office shredders up to 250kg for larger 3-phase hopper fed models.

Commercial and Heavy Duty paper shredder brands supplied by Shredder Sales include INFOSTOP, IDEAL, Fellowes & Dahle, all of which are professional shredder brands brands you can rely on.

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