No, your GreenWay cardboard perforator does not need oiling like a paper shredder.

Why is my GreenWay cardboard perforator oil-free when my paper shredder needs oiling?

Firstly we need to understand what the purpose of oiling the blades on a shredder is. Naturally, you may be inclined to believe that oiling shredder blades are simply to lubricate the cutters so they don’t rust or seize. Although oil may indeed help prevent this, the main purpose of oil is to actually clear out debris and the build-up of compacted material within the cutting head assembly. During the shredding process, fine paper debris can build up between the cutter and strippers. This places unnecessary load on the cutters which will reduce the speed and sheet capacity of the shredder. The build-up can also stop the strippers moving freely between the blades which can also cause additional noise and wear. Regular oiling of paper shredders helps to flush out this debris, keeping your cutting head clear and reducing the load on the motor and gearing.

Why GreenWay cardboard perforators don’t require oiling

This is mostly thanks to the fact that GreenWay machines perforate rather than shred into little pieces. There are far fewer particles to build up because the cardboard remains basically intact. Combining this with the cleverly designed GreenWay blades and strippers which have enhanced self-clearing, there is minimal debris to clear out. Although oiling would certainly not hurt, it is not necessary. Something to keep in mind though, is that if the blades have oil on them then your perforated cardboard would also then have oil on it. Although oiling a paper shredder is good practice, it’s simply not necessary on a GreenWay cardboard perforator. Enjoy the GreenWay low maintenance range of cardboard shredders, the oil-free, hassle-free machine to help you increase your sustainability score.

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