Emptying Your Paper Shredders Bin

When your paper shredders bin becomes full at the workplace, a common behaviour for those who first discover this, is quickly diverting away from the machine leaving the emptying for someone else to attend to (hopefully). Most will identify with this situation having parallels to finding the dishwasher full at home. That said, for shredders used at home and working from offices, when full usually emptying the bin happens quickly with the user taking responsibility to do so and continue the pursuit of shredding.

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In contrast, in the residential setting, emptying the shredder there seems to be less tendency to avoid emptying the machine compared to shredders used in shared use workplaces.

At the workplace, why is the behaviour of avoiding emptying a full shredder more evident? The answer is simply because general office shredders usually have larger bins of 30 litres or more and as the bin capacity increases, so does the weight, size and level of difficulty involved emptying the machine.

Some paper shredders deposit paper into a bin while others shred directly into a suspended bag draped over a hanging frame. The suspended bag design is especially convenient for making emptying easier on larger sized A4 and A3 office shredders with waste capacities of 60 litres or greater.


The majority of shredder manufacturers include a bin to collect the shredded paper. Whilst emptying a machines bin seems a simple process, it requires a large sized receptacle to minimise mess while emptying the waste into the bin, especially when emptying the bin of larger sized shredder of 60 litres or more.

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A common practise is to use Shredder Bags to tie off once full before removing from the bin and whilst using shredder bags is a very convenient way to eliminate potential mess when emptying, using shredder bags can pose some difficulties. Most would agree the challenge of emptying a shredders bin lined with a bag is when extracting the bag out and the additional drag and suction generated while trying to extract. The effect of drag and suction can make it very awkward to empty a shredders bin.


The ultimate solution so suit the preferences of users is to offer both options of bin or suspended bag design or even two in one.
One manufacturer offering the two in one ability to shred into a bin and suspended bag is INFOSTOP Commercial Office Shredders with the option to do so at a nominal cost.