Opportunities to Improve your Sustainability Rating

Fastrack Your Organisations Sustainability Journey

  • Broaden Your ESG
  • Improve Your Sustainability Rating
  • Contribute Actively to Our Circular Economy

If your business ships out product using plastic packaging, perforating your used cardboard boxes into useful and sustainable packaging & void fill has never been easier or more cost effective to transition to with GreenWay Cardboard Perforators.

This upcycling process takes your sustainability practices to the next level as no RRR process (Recovery, Recycling and Re Distribution of product) is involved, all happening instantly under the one roof within your organisation.

There are the obvious benefits listed below, however the Downstream and Upstream sacrifices involved with recycling, which are significant is eliminated with the the RRR process (Recovery, Recycling and Re Distribution of product) being removed.

  • Instantly reduces use of plastic packaging products.
  • Makes used or new corrugated cardboard instantly useful.
  • Reduces expenditure on packaging.
  • Saves on cost of cardboard disposal.
  • Perforates cardboard into the protective packaging of your preferred size on demand.
  • When shipping your products, projects your commitment to less environmental impact.
  • Less storage space required to stock packaging materials.
  • Recovery, Recycling and Re Distribution of recycled product is eliminated.
  • A direct and highly efficient way to improve your sustainability score.
  • Adds to your ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).
  • Contributes to the Circular Economy in a very positive way.
  • Acquisition in some cases is supported by federal, state, and local government grants.