There is a lot of talk about online security and the responsibility of companies to protect any data they are collecting. One area that is easy to overlook is the security of physical items that store data in your office. Given how easy paper documents can fall into the wrong hands, it is as important as ever to ensure proper paper and document shredding procedures are followed.

It is important to know that by only putting paper and documents directly into bins or recycling bins that you are at risk. Paper shredders are quick and easy to use and should always be a priority when disposing of documents. Other things that can be shredded to protect security are CDs, DVDs, credit cards and even hard drives. If you are only a small office and have large amounts of paper to shred, consider hiring a large paper shredder to help you get the job done efficiently.

Our main tips on how to keep risk low are to always have a paper shredder in a position in your office that is easy to access. Ensuring you get the right size shredder for your office will help remove the possibility of people needing to wait or stacking documents next to the paper shredder.

We also recommend using a cross-cut paper shredder at a minimum for security. Consider a high-security micro cut paper shredder if data protection is of a high priority to your company. And lastly, don’t forget to ensure you have proper procedures for physical data security to increase your compliance.