Upcycle Your Excess Cardboard The Greenway

INFOSTOP presents the Greenway CB410, CB410C and CB430 cardboard perforators.

Greenway cardboard perforators create economical and environmentally friendly packing material from discarded cardboard boxes. These useful machines reduce the cost of packaging materials and waste disposal by perforating cardboard into a high quality effective packing material.

INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder

The most beneficial way of upcycling cardboard into a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging and styrofoam void filling.

The process is simple, simply flatten out cardboard boxes, press start then feed your cardboard into the Greenway cardboard perforator’s infeed, instantly upcycling this plentiful resource into professional perforated and sustainable cardboard packaging.

Three models are available, the Greenway CB410, CB410C and the CB430. Featuring rugged all metal construction, heavy duty metal gearing and perforating blades with high torque motors, makes for fast and effortless operation with the user friendly three position operating switch.

Greenway Range

The Greenway CB410 is a space saving benchtop unit that is easily positioned on a dispatching bench while the CB410C and CB430 are freestanding units with a waste bin and heavy-duty castors for easy mobility.

The CB410 and CB410C perforates and trims pieces up to 410mm wide and feeds cardboard up to 10mm thick while the CB430 perforates and trims pieces up to 430mm wide and feeds cardboard up to 20mm thick. All models perforate multiple layers of cardboard with the CB430 accepting up to * 4 layers to create thicker padding and packaging in just one pass.

Each unit perforates and trims the excess cardboard in a single pass and includes an adjustable cutting guide so cardboard can be easily trimmed to fit a variety of shipping boxes creating the right fit for the object being shipped. The trimmed edge can then be fed into the Greenway perforator, eliminating waste.

The result is flexible shock absorbing cardboard netting that is easily wrapped around products or provide additional packing layers and void fill for protection during shipment.

INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder

Operation is simple, adjust the cutting guide to the preferred width needed, press the control switch to start position and feed the cardboard into the perforating blades. When required, the Greenway can be run in reverse to clear cardboard from the infeed, just press and hold the control switch in the reverse position.

 Greenway cardboard perforators can help reduce the need for costly plastic and foam packing materials and waste removal costs. Reuse your cardboard boxes by upcycling existing cardboard instead of buying new packing materials

*Depending on thickness of each layer