Is Your Organisation Searching for a Guilt Free Packaging Solution?
If your business has shipment based transactions, chances are you are freighting out products that sometimes require additional protective packaging and void fill to stabilise box contents.

INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder

By using a cardboard perforator, recycling your used cardboard boxes has never been easier or more sustainable. Put simply, cardboard perforators create Guilt Free – Plastic Free Packaging by utilising your waste and excess cardboard and upcycling it into professional packaging, padding and void fill.

Best of all, by utilising your discarded cardboard, this economical and eco friendly way of packaging says a lot about your organisations commitment to actively reducing its environmental impact. Your organisations commitment to sustainable practices is also messaged with every outgoing shipment containing your perforated cardboard packaging.

Incorporating a cardboard perforator makes so much sense, especially with cardboard being the universal packaging material of choice. Using a a cardboard perforator goes hand in hand with anyone shipping product and there has never been a better time to invest in one, especially for organisations that are developing or already have a defined green agenda in place.

What cardboard and paper types can a cardboard perforator accept?
• Single, Double and Tripled Corrugated Cardboard
• Single Thickness Cardboard
• Standard and Heavy Duty Cardboards
• Kraft Paper

Flattened Cardboard Boxes

What thickness can a cardboard perforator accept?
GreenWay cardboard perforators can accept multiple layers of single layer and corrugated cardboard, limited by the feed opening.
The 10mm feed opening of the CB-410 series will easily accept flattened corrugated cardboard boxes (2 x thicknesses). When using the GreenWay CB-430, the 20mm feed opening will comfortably accept 3-4 thicknesses of corrugated cardboard.
Corrugated Cardboard Types

What is the maximum perforation witdth a cardboard perforator can create?
GreenWay cardboard perforators can perforate to two widths depending on the model. The maximum perforating width the GreenWay model CB-410 can create, as the model number suggests is 410mm and 430mm for the CB-430.

Can I perforate to a specific width?
All GreenWay cardboard perforator models include an adjustable feed guide to select the preferred perforating width. In addition, above the feed guide is a scale expressed in Centimeters, so users can slide the guide to the desired with on the scale and be confident of accurate perforating .

Is Using a GreenWay Cardboard Perforator Simple?
Yes, using the cardboard perforator is a very straight-forward process, just press the start button and feed your cardboard in, quickly after your perforated cardboard emerges as the perfect eco-friendly packaging material. It is also easy to set the perforating width by adjusting feed guide to your preferred width. Any cardboard that extends beyond the perforation width is trimmed off. When using high density cardboards, sometimes too many layers can prove beyond the limitations of the machine and cause a jam which is easily corrected by pressing the machines reverse button.

What is Perforated Cardboard Like to Use?
Perforated cardboard is highly usable becoming very flexible, easily stretched and moulded around product to make the perfect plastic free packaging, padding and void fill material. The result is shock absorbing cardboard netting that snugly wraps around products, providing additional packing layers and void fill stabilising box contents during shipment.

What Size Cardboard Perforator Do I Need?
Currently there are 3 GreenWay models of to choose from. The defining differences of each are:
CB-410 – Benchtop Model
410mm cutting width, 10mm maximum corrugated cardboard perforating thickness.
CB-410C – Cabinet Model
410mm cutting width, 10mm maximum corrugated cardboard perforating thickness.
CB-430 – Cabinet Model
430mm cutting width, 20mm maximum corrugated cardboard perforating thickness.
By reaching out to a product specialist, they can help you to choose the best sized GreenWay model for your needs. One question we always ask is if your volume is likely to increase? With this in mind, a larger size than you need may be recommended to avoid the extra expense upgrading later.

What About Tape, Labels and Staples?
GreenWay cardboard perforators accept cardboard with tape and labels attached, so there is no need to remove these prior to perforating. Staples rarely cause damage however can prove sharp and small, not easily detected. For safety for the operator and recipients of your products, it’s a good idea to trim stapled sections off before perforating or perforate stapled cardboard with the staples just past the trimmer to avoid the perforating section.

What Power Supply Do These Machines Need?
All GreenWay cardboard perforators operate from a standard 10A power point, the most universal power supply used.

What Maintenance is Required?
GreenWay cardboard perforators require minimal maintenance and unlike paper shredders, don’t need oiling. In fact they don’t use sharp blades to perforate, rather the specially hardened discs create a forced perforation. Low maintenance is great news for those who already use GreenWay cardboard perforators, however it’s sensible practice to have periodic preventative maintenance performed on your machine and the suggested frequency is usually recommended by the maintenance technician during the first service. This is determined by how much use the machine receives. For machines that receive light use, less frequent preventative maintenance is required and for machines that receive heavier use, more frequent preventative maintenance will be recommended.