How to Understand Sheet Capacities of Automatic Shredders

Automatic Feeding Paper Shredder Brands including Dahle ShredMATIC®, Fellowes Automax®, INFOSTOP® Automaster and Rexel® Optimum are available in different sizes with various performance levels, features and colours (dark and light). Similarly, the higher the performance level ususally the higher the sheet capacity and longer the continuous run time. The sheet capacity of automatic feeding paper shredders can be broken down into two specifications:

  • Sheet Capacity for shredding via the automatic feeder.
  • Hand Feed Sheet Capacity for shredding via the manual feed entry.

Automatic Feeder Capacity
The Sheet Capacity able to be stacked into the auto feed tray at best, is usually determined using flat loose sheets, rated at a certain gsm paper weight (usually 70-80gsm). The shredder manufacturers user manual is a helpful resource the determine what paper weight the auto feeder capacity is based on, with most shredder brands basing their specifications on 70 or 80 gsm A4 paper.

Influences that can reduce the maximum capacity of the auto feed tray include heavier weight paper. For example, if an automatic shredder rated with a 200-sheet auto feed capacity is based on using 70 gsm paper, the maximum stack capacity will be less when using heavier 80 gsm paper of approximately 175 sheets.

Another influence that can reduce the maximum capacity of the auto feed tray are fastened papers, especially those attached with staples and paper clips. It’s understandable the thickness of 5 sheets can increase in thickness when fastened with a staple or paper clip. Some professional auto feed shredder brands including INFOSTOP and REXEL address this unfavourable reduction in capacity, by incorporating open ends into the base of the auto feeder tray which largely restores the stack capacity of fastened documents.

Manual Feed Capacity
The Manual Feed Sheet Capacity of auto feed paper shredders varies according to brand and size. The manual feeding sheet capacity can vary according to the shredders size. That said, paper shredders that include an auto feed function are designed predominantly to be used for auto feeding while the manual feeder is designed for occasional use for items that cannot be auto fed such as credit / ID cards and DVD’s.