Did you know we supply large custom and off-the-shelf industrial shredders?

We provide a complete solution based on consulting and analysis to maximise your enterprise productivity.

Protect your organisation with high volume industrial paper shredders, cardboard shredders and also hard drive shredders and destruction. We'll get you setup, whether single site or multi-site to achieve high output from your equipment.

Some of our industrial shredders are listed below. Contact us for more information.

Handling Equipment 

  • Bin Tippers and Elevators
  • Trolleys and Bale Lifters
  • Shredding Consoles
  • Carts & Collection Receptacles. 


  • Devices to sort and remove contaminants including metal and plastics
  • Sorting Tables.


  • On Line, Near Line and Off Line Materials Transport
  • Screw Feed Conveyors
  • Wide Deck Sort Conveyors
  • Conveyor rigs to automate the separation of metals & other materials deemed as contaminants.

Industrial Shredders 

  • Smaller, horizontal conveyor feed systems with wheel in modular output conveyors
  • Medium to Large gravity feed shredders for plant based operations
  • Customised Pre and Post shred configurations
  • Electric or Hydraulic Drive Industrial shredders with the productivity of 400kg to 15 tonnes per hour.

Industrial Balers

  • Vertical or horizontal architecture
  • On Line, Near Line or Off Line baling systems
  • Manual, Semi or Fully Automatic Tying and Wire systems
  • 250kg to 2 tonne finished weight
  • Bale Tying and Wire consumables.