For INFOSTOP automaster and REXEL Auto+ and REXEL Optimum variants, the user manual remommends applying one oil sheet per every 3 bin empties.
The above shredder brands reccomend oil sheets are applied via the manual feed entry (not in the automatic feed), it's just like manually feeding paper.

INFOSTOP Shredder Oil Sheets

Due to the mess free nature and convenient application when using oil sheets, these have been widely embraced having become the prefered way to oil a shredders blades.

Oil sheets are highly recommended for oiling friction fed auto feed shredders which use rubber belts or rollers to draw the paper in. The oil sheet acts as a barrier
during application by protecting rubber components from the contamination of oil.

Shredder brands that adopt a friction feed design using rubber components include INFOSTOP Rexel Dahle and Kobra.

If you require oil sheets, they can be ordered online in your preferred quantity by selecting the consumables menu, Click Here to buy now.