Industrial paper shredders often incorporate a feed conveyor and require a heavy duty 3 phase power supply. These large machines quickly shred through vast quantities and often are purchased for large departments, entire buildings for centralised shredding and by document destruction service providers. Available in various security levels with strip cut and cross cut, there is usually an effective solution available to meet your security obligations and volumes to shred. As fast as these high volume paper shredders operate, it is important to have a means of quickly removing the paper once shredded, so interruptions such as emptying are minimised. The perfect solution to move shredded paper away and reduce interruptions, is by fitting an output conveyor. An output conveyor will enable shredding into a very large receptacle of any size and bypass the task of constantly emptying the shredders bin. Another option where to exit your paper is to position your output conveyor to operate "inline" with a baler, to further increasing productivity. For helpful advice on Industrial Paper Shredding Machines, Freecall Shredder Sales. Call Shredder Sales today: P: 1800 808 880 E: