So, you’re looking to buy a new paper shredder for your office and it’s most likely replacing your old one. As you research the various shredder brands available and their respective models, its likely you are noticing automatic feeding shredders available from respected brand names including Fellowes Automax, INFOSTOP Automaster and Rexel Optimum. It's no surprise auto feed is an attractive option, due to the obvious time saving benefits.

Home users often purchase more compact sized auto feed paper shredders with loading capacities of 50 to 100 sheets. For offices small to large, auto feed paper shredders are available in a broad range of sizes. Popular small office models load approximatley 100 - 200 sheets while common medium sized machines accept 250 to 400 sheet stacks and the larger volume models including Fellowes Automax, INFOSTOP Automaster and Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ can be filled with 550-1000 sheet stacks. As the size of auto feed shredders increases, generally so does the duty cycle ranging from 10 minutes and longer through to high capacity models with continuous operation.

Half Waste

Generally, the larger the auto feed loading capacity, the larger the bin capacity however more bin capacity is not always required if you are looking to further increase efficiency. For example, you can easily halve your emptying by shredding into a smaller particle size.

Auto feed shredder brands available with mini cut P-4 and micro cut P-5 security levels will easily cut your waste in half, further adding to extra time savings not to mention far less physical waste to deal with and the increased security of your shredded documents.

Choosing the right size of auto feed shredder can be determined in a few ways, here are some helpful tips:

  • Typical Size of Stack (how many sheets) When You Want to Shred is a good starting point.
  • Shredding Frequency and time required helps determine the best duty cycle based for your needs.
  • Security Level - P-4 cross cut are readily available, some professional auto feed brands also offer even smaller P-4 and P-5 micro cut.
  • Bin Capacity (bigger is not necessarily better when shredding more efficiently into smaller particles).
  • Lockable Loading Tray to Restrict Access to Un Shredded Documents.
  • Low Distractive Noise Levels to Enable Shredding at Any Time.

Like any product that incorporates automated technology, it is important to understand the shredders Auto Feeding function and scope of capability. With A4 size paper being the default size used throughout many countries, for most users at the office and working from home, a professional brand of paper shredder with automatic feeding function is usually a welcome addition.

Importantly, to avoid disappointment before purchasing, we recommend researching to understand if the machine will auto feed to your satisfaction and meet your expectations. Put simply, if you only shred loose sheets of A4 office paper, all auto feed shredder brands will shred without fuss.

If you have papers larger or smaller than A4 to shred, for some brands it’s best this paper is manually fed via the manual feed paper entry. If the paper that needs to be manually fed is minimal, the time saving convenience of auto feed shredding will far outweigh the time spend manually feeding these papers which may need to be folded over first when shredding A3 for instance.

Professional auto feed shredder brands normally feed from the bottom of the stack and can also automatically feed stapled sets of paper making them very versatile. This bottom feeding design is also acoustically superior compared to top feeding auto feed and hybrid style paper shredders, by reducing noise generated while shredding as the paper stack to be shredded acts as a barrier covering over the source of noise.

Automatic shredders that bottom feed can also better cope with paper of varying conditions such as previously folded, not perfectly flat and creased papers. Shredders that incorporate the Bottom + Centre Feed design literally fold the paper in half while feeding through, this increases the speed of auto feeding with the original paper length halved, cutting the auto feeding time by 50%. Shredder brands that inlude centre feeding design include INFOSTOP, KOBRA and REXEL auto feed paper shreddders.

Can Auto Feed Shredding be any More Efficient?

Yes it can by utilising more of the available bin space.
This is achieved with an arm that pushes the shredded waste side to side in a sweeping motion. Rather than turning off when the peak of the shredded paper reaches the top, the sweeping arm flattens the pile of shreds before turning off so by the time the shredder is full, no more paper can be added or shaken down. This arm sweeper technology is a standard inclusion on the INFOSTOP Automaster AS200M AS300M AS400M and AS650M models and takes auto feed time savings to the next level.

Shredder Bin With Shredded Paper Arm Sweeper Full Bin of Swept Paper 

The best source of information to research the capabilities of different paper shredder brands with automatic feeding is in the user manual.
User manuals often contain the vital information to be aware of (not usually shared on product brochures) with some points of interest below:

  • The maximum thickness of paper sets fastened together (stapled or clipped) that can be auto fed.
  • Maximum paper clip and staple size that can be included in stacks.
  • Limitations under humid conditions.
  • Glossy paper, magazines and thick card.
  • Shredding CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs and Credit or ID Cards
  • Flolded sheets, folded A3 sheets for isntance.
  • Bound documents, plastics and adhesive sticky labels.
  • Types of fasteners such as bulldog clips.

Often user manuals can be found on the manufacturers websites and contain useful information including a trouble shooting guide, the do’s and the do nots of auto feed shredding, the features and functions and recommended user and technical preventative maintenance. These outline the differences between shredder brands and can be an invaluable resource to purchase the right auto feed shredder for your needs.

Recommended Auto Feed shredder brands with bottom feed design include Dahle Shredmatic, Fellowes Automax, INFOSTOP Automaster, KOBRA and Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ ranges of automatic paper shredders.