Objectives to Save Time Shredding

Users who require an Auto Feed Paper Shredder usually have clear and simple objectives in order to keep all their sensitive information secure in an efficient time saving way.

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Office workers who take security of their information seriously, will shred all sensitive documents that need to be destroyed and will take steps to be sure documents are destroyed thoroughly, using at the minimum, a P-4 security level crosscut shredder.

Completing shredding in the shortest possible time is also a high priority for people looking to buy a paper shredder. With technology available today, time saving shredding solutions will usually involve a degree of automation. More often now days, incorporating a shredder that feeds paper automatically is the first choice especially as these days they have become more affordable than ever.

Affordable and professional automatic feeding shredder brands include Dahle Shredmatic , Fellowes Automax , INFOSTOP Automaster , Elcoman Kobra and Rexel Optimum. Fellowes , INFOSTOP and Rexel brands especially offer extensive  ranges to choose from with various sheet capacities, including P-4 and P-5 security level models.


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There are a range of waste capacities available and its important to be practical about the size of shredder you choose, especially in the area of micro cut models due to extra weight emptying ( over double ) compared to cross cut. Being manageable and easy to handle while emptying your shredder is important. Safe limits for emptying a full bin is outlined below according to size:

  • 60 Litre Micro Cut
  • 120 Litre Cross Cut

Micro cut compacts at over twice the rate of crosscut, so it’s understandable the same area is over twice the weight when shredded using a micro cut shredder.   

Cross Cut Micro Cut    

For professional firms and executive areas with staff that have a labour cost, the need for auto feed shredders is high due to the commerciality and possible opportunity loss due to extra time involved manually shredding. Professionals also are generally responsible for information of greater sensitivity, and this is all the more reason to properly shred documents.

One thing in common with automatic feeding paper shredder brands is they will successfully self-feed A4 sized paper. Variables that can reduce the reliability of auto feed shredding are:

  • Paper Size
  • Folded Papers
  • Paper Condition
  • Humidity
  • Fastener Type and Position
  • Paper weight (GSM)
  • Auto Feed Roller Condition
  • Auto Feed Mechanism Function

It is important to read your shredders user manual to be educated on how to get the best performance from your auto feed shredder. Reading the manual will save users time knowing what is and what isn’t acceptable in the context of auto feeding documents.

For some government departments entrusted with classified information, often using a higher security level shredder with P-5, P-6 or P-7 shredder is required to meet the Australian government Class A and Class B minimum requirements.

High Security P-7 Class A P-5 Class B

Although higher security P-5, P-6 and P-7 auto feed paper shredders do exist, they do not meet the testing standard of the Security Equipment Guide SEG001.1 so by manually feeding is the only way to shred classified secret and top-secret information.