As people are looking to reduce their use of environmentally high impact products and materials and instead introduce low impact strategies by reusing some products and materials, it’s amazing to see many people turning their attention to a sustainable future. There is a lot happening in the world with the fight against plastic pollution being embraced by the masses and this is evident by introducing the innovative and simple solutions we often see that make a big difference towards lowering our environmental impact.

In business, introducing sustainable practices in the way we work that integrate seamlessly helps realise the best outcomes. All stakeholders can feel good about their individual and combined efforts to protecting our planet and contributing towards a more circular economy.

Almost all day, every day we are surrounded by packaging waste which presents a common question, what to do with waste plastic packaging and cardboard? Reducing plastics used in packaging is continually being addressed by large and small business. These organisations actively practice their pledge to reduce environmental impact by incorporating more eco-friendly packaging to the way they pack their products.

When it comes time to ship products, especially those more sensitive to impact, it has become easier to find alternatives to plastic bubble wrap and polystyrene void fill by adding value to an existing resource, often already used once. In the context of protective packaging and void fill, value adding to cardboard is achieved by the simple process of perforating cardboard this mostly readily available resource, which is often destined for land full.

Waste Cardboard INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder

Once cardboard has been perforated, it increases in volume and becomes highly flexible and easily shaped around products, offering similar protection to bubble wrap. Perforated cardboard is a real alternative to plastic bubble wrap and offers similar protective properties for fragile items. Similarly perforated cardboard can be shaped into void fill where volume is required, a real alternative to polystyrene blocks for void fill. For recipients of products packaged in perforated cardboard, when unpacking, it remains in one piece and is less messy and more convenient for the recipient to reuse again or recycle.

INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder

Importantly for businesses adopting the use of perforated cardboard packaging, this sends a strong yet unspoken message to your recipients of your commitment to safeguarding our planets environment.