Essential Shredder Inclusions To Make Your Next Paper Shredder Purchase, The Best Shredder Purchase!

Make your shredding more effective and efficient with ways to save time over and above Auto Feeding your stacks of paper.

Put simply, there are five paper shredder design attributes that can create significant time savings, in addition to automatic feeding, these include:

Less Shredded Waste Can be enjoyed by choosing a micro cut style of shredder with a smaller shredded particle which compared to cross cut, results in superior compaction of the shredded waste. Generally, micro cut paper shredders reduce your paper into particles of at least one third of the size of cross cut particles, easily halving your shredded waste volume. Not only auto feed shredders but manual feed paper shredders are also readily available with the option to micro cut, so if auto feed is not the preferred choice for you, time can also be saved by using a micro cut manual feed paper shredder. Micro Cut particle sizes vary and are available in P-4 and P-5 security levels. Common P-4 and P-5 micro cut particle sizes are:
P-4: 4x10mm 4x12mm
P-5: 2x8mm 2x10mm 2x12mm 2x14mm 2x15mm

Cross vs Micro Cut Illustration

Less Reloading Will save time by choosing a higher capacity auto feed tray. Typically in the workspace be it working from home or working at the office, people tend to collect papers and shred them later resulting in stacks of documents to be shredded. It can be quiet overwhelming as we are time poor when confronted with a stack of paper to shred, especially when the stack exceeds the auto feed tray capacity requiring reloading later. Imagine being able to load the entire stack of papers into the tray and walk away without returning.

Loading Auto Feed Shredder

Less Emptying Saves time by choosing a shredder with an appropriate bin capacity. Choosing a shredder with a larger capacity bin reduces the frequency of emptying. Bin capacity can however be limited by available office space and especially for those working from home where space could be more confined. Working from home office users tend to use more compact paper shredders with smaller bin capacities. That said, when a micro cut variant is chosen, even a small bin capacity will hold a lot of shredded paper before emptying is required, a perfect solution for those working from home and with far less waste volume to dispose of. In addition, some larger auto feed models incorporate bin sweeping technology, this actually sweeps the paper side to side as the pile of shreds approach the top of the bin to ensure its properly full with a flat pile of contents at the top of the bin. Bin sweeping can also reduce the mess that can sometimes be encountered while emptying a shreddders full bin.

Bin Fill Micro Cut

Less Interruption Not overheating with longer duty cycle motors is very often a high priority. If you frequently trigger your paper shredders overheat protection function, this is a sure sign you could benefit by using a different longer running shredding machine. It is common with popular shredder brands such as Dahle, Fellowes, INFOSTOP and Rexel that the auto feed duty cycle increases as the machine size does, however this is not entirely the case. Some shredder brands are introducing longer working duty cycle motors into their smaller office models, for instance recently including a 60 minute auto feed duty cycle into shredders of 34 litre capacity or less. When infrequent bulk shredding is required, this is a game changer for small shredder users and also a convenient capability for larger shredder users where time saving bulk shredding may be more frequent.

Time Clock Measure

Auto Shredding Speed Varies across brands and as a guide, the more pages being auto shredded simultaneously, the faster the stack will be completed. Some shredder brands incorporate automation that draws paper into the cutters from the end of the stack and other brands which draw papers from the centre of the stack. There are pro’s and con’s for shredders that end and centre feed paper, however in most cases, both styles satisfy the needs of most users.

Imagine Over the Life of Your Shredder How much time and money could potentially be saved by:

  • Purchasing a correctly sized and featured automatic machine.
  • Halving your shredded waste volume
  • Less reloading
  • Less emptying
  • No overheating
  • No shredding bottleneck

Attending to Your Shredder Less, means you have more time to focus on tasks that drive the objectives of your office.

Make the best choice of paper shredder by investing time researching machines available that include the mixture of features and functions that will satisfy the needs of your office.

Searching for shredder reviews will bring a helpful source of information and opinions from users to help you make a more informed choice. Shredder reviews can easily be found on suppliers, distributors and independent review websites.

In summary a shredder with the right balance of the above capabilities is a recipe for faster, more efficient and hassle free automatic shredding.