Got Waste Cardboard?
Your Perfectly Sustainable Solution!

Everyone wants to be more sustainable in the way they live at home and at the workplace and often the focus surrounds Energy Efficiency.

Have you ever thought about improving your Resource Efficiency and becoming a less resource-dependent business by feeding back into the circular economy? Whatever your field of businesses, especially for those who ship out products can improve their sustainability whilst saving money and our environment.

Enjoy the Resource Efficiency Benefits of GreenWay Cardboard Perforators by instantly turning waste cardboard into sustainable packing and void-fill material.

Collected Cardboard Perforating
Perforating used cardbaord is a highly efficient way of managing packaging content by redirecting an otherwise spent material whilst progressing your sustainable packaging journey.

It has become increasingy difficult to ignore the many positives of integrating perforated cardboard into outgoing shipments, versus recycling and transportation inefficiencies or even worse, landfill.

Cardboard Boxes are Perforated as Required ready to fulfill your product packaging and void-fill demands.

Packing With Perforated Cardboard
Explore GreenWay users to see how they are managing their packaging content and progressing on their sustainable packaging journey.


"The INFOSTOP GREENWAY CB-410 is a great machine, changing the way we pack from here on out!"
JMACX Off-Road Solutions - Corbould Park QLD

“This machine is amazing! We use it to shred all of the cartons we receive and use this to pack our orders! We wish we bought it sooner! We have way less wastage and our customers even comment on how eco-friendly our orders are. 100% recommend!”

Hannah - Byron Bay NSW

Recently purchased this shredder for our business and it works just as well as advertised. We receive a lot of cardboard boxes from supplier deliveries which can now be reused as box filler to safely pack our online orders. Not only is this great for the environment but it also saves money as we have reduced the amount of BioFill packing peanuts we used to purchase. Very happy with this machine! Highly recommend
Costa - Melbourne VIC

I have been looking for this machine for many years. This machine is an excellent and reasonable price. It converts a lot of used cartons to packaging. Saving money to pay a waste company to collect the used cardboard for recycling every week. Save money from bubble wrap. Save a lot of plastics from the planet. Win-Win-Win
Angus - Sydney NSW

INFOSTOP CB410 Heavy Duty Cardboard Perforating Shredder

GreenWay improves the recoverability of your cardboard packaging at end-of-life and makes for a positive customer experience. Transform the way you package and relate to your customers in a sustainable way.

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