In this day and age, it so easy to delete old photos, untag yourself from "that post" and drag your unwanted document into the trash. Although a lot of businesses strive to be paperless, it’s a matter of fact that there are just some things that can’t be avoided. Unlike electronic documents when you no longer need that contract or document it’s so easy to throw it in the rubbish without thinking twice.

automaster shredders help better manage the disposal of sensitive information by eliminating the time required to shred, this is especially effective as you just drop up to 1000 sheets into the machine and let the shredder do the shredding, so you get on with other work. Documents can be locked while auto shredding to protect sensitive information from other internal parties viewing and will unlock once shredding is complete and ready for the next user.

Organisations who commonly outsource document destruction are at greater risk by extending the chain of custody and this is where Automaster shredders eliminate the risk by removing the time factor required to shred.