High Security Media Destruction
It is a requirement of Australian Government Departments, that Classified information to be shredded, when created on paper and CD/DVD's discs, is destroyed using a High Security, Class A, Class B Paper or Optical Media Shredder.
Dual High Securiy Shredder

Purchasing High Security Shredders
When procuring suitable high security shredders, it is necessary to request valid documentation that confirms the Class A, Class B paper or Optical Media recommended shredders, are approved by an authorised source, for the purpose of shredding classified information, be it Top Secret, Secret etc.

High Security Paper Shredders
What defines approved Class A, Class B Paper or Optical Media Shredders, are those that has passed a unique testing procedure. Using strict Australian government testing procedures, the Security Equipment Guide No 1, Class A and Class B Shredders, (SEG-001 Issue 3, ASIO 2015) will determine a pass or fail against the SEG. Alternatively, shredders included on the United States NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List (EPL) may also be used for the relevant purpose.

High Security Optical Shredders
Optical Media Shredders, meeting the requirements under the Security Equipment Guide No 9, Optical Media Shredders, (SEG-009 Issue 2, ASIO 2013) are also suitable for the destruction of CD’s/DVD’s discs. Alternatively, shredders included on the United States NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List (EPL) may also be used for high security shredding of CD & DVD optical media discs.

Dual High Security Paper & Optical Shredders
These approved high security shredders can prove very economical, being a two in one solution for shredding paper and optical media discs. In addition, less office space is required with only one shredder to maintain. To prevent cross-contamination, dual bins are included to separate paper residue from optical media residue.

Hard Drive Sanitising Devices
Media Degaussers and meeting the requirements of Security Circular No. 143, Destruction of Australian Government Official Information (2012). The Australian Government Communications Headquarters/Communications–Electronics Security Group’s certified data erasure products list also contains a list of certified degaussers. United States NSA/CSS Degausser Evaluated Products List (EPL) is also a suitable source of approved degaussers for the purpose.

Hard Drive Destruction Shredders
Once Degaussing is completed, physical destruction of hard drives may then be required. In this case, shredding proves a very effective method of ensuring hard drives can never be re operated again. Furthermore,

Destruction Disintegrators 
Disintegrators & Hammermills, meeting the requirements of the Security Equipment Guide No 18, Destructors, (SEG-018 Issue 1, ASIO 2013) can also be useful for shredding variable media types.

Need to Know
Effective March 1, 2015, Security Equipment and Construction Committee - SCEC Endorsed Class A and Class B Shredders, are no longer recognised, being withdrawn from the SCEC - Security Equipment Catalogue 2011. For further clarification, refer to page 9 on the SEEPL (December 16, 2014 Edition).

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