It would be accurate to assume that some consumers researching then ultimately purchasing paper shredders that automatically feed paper, buy them on the basis that the time required to hand feed documents is eliminated. However, many prospective buyers of auto feed paper shredders don’t realise there are extra ways to save time shredding in addition to having an auto feed function.

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Time Saving Shredding Strategies - People who shred paper tend to stack their non time sensitive papers, piling them up to shred another time until there is no space which then forces them to shred. When this happens, users of manual feed shredders are confronted with a time-consuming task which this is where paper shredders that automatically feed can save users a significant amount of time, time to move forward attending higher priorities. Stacking paper than can wait to be shredded later is an efficient way to shred because users accumulate their papers to shred later rather than wasting time going forward to the shredder and back multiple times when the same task can be consolidated into one trip to the shredder.

 Location And Noise Levels of Shredder Whilst in Operation - Often paper shredders and business machines in general which are noisy during operation, are moved away from the source of users and often to an inconvenient location. Whilst locating the shredder away to reduce distractive noise in sensitive areas such as work groups, the trip to the shredder is usually further away and sometimes awkwardly positioned. The effectiveness and value of quiet office equipment should never be underestimated and in the context of quiet automatic paper shredders, when positioned close to common areas they will not be out of sight nor out of mind to utilise when needed as an integral document destruction and time saving resource.

Delegate - Most government and corporate offices engage cleaning services to maintain office hygiene and cleanliness. Cleaning contractor’s tasks include cleaning desks and wiping surfaces, vacuuming floor’s and emptying bins to mention a few. By communicating the scope of your cleaning requirements to your cleaning contractor, emptying your shredder can be included on your scope of requirements. This relieves users of the task and is convenient for the cleaning contractor when using properly sized shredder bags to eliminate mess.


Minimise Yor Shredded Waste Volume - When is bigger better and when is it not? Emptying your shredder is a task many would prefer to leave for another day. Although the emptying of a paper shredder is inevitable, it goes without saying there are ways to at least halve the need to empty a paper shredder. It would be accurate to estimate that the majority of auto feeding paper shredders sold across Australia and New Zealand are P-4 security level cross-cut machines. Whilst P-4 security level shredders are generally considered to provide adequate levels of security, shredded waste volumes can be more than halved simply by choosing a P-4 or P-5 micro cut security level auto feed machine. These finer particles compact at over twice the rate of P-4 cross-cut particles at least halving the need to empty your shredder.

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Bin Contents Distribution
Today’s modern office shredders almost always include technology that senses when the bin is full of shredded paper. Bin full sensors function in different ways and can be divided into two types: Mechanical and Optical. Both methods of sensing when the bin is full bin full is designed to stop the shredder as the paper approaches the top of the bin. When the bin of a particle cut paper shredder is full, the shape of the pile is similar in appearance to a hill which has a peak, descending outwards. In the context of a full paper shredders bin with a hill shaped pile of shreds, there is wasted space either side of the hill with even more wastage increasing towards the peak. For users this means more time is wasted removing the bin when not completely full. Manual and Auto feeding paper shredders that incorporate a bin sweeper will level the peak of the shredded paper. Sweeping enables the shredder only to turn off when the bin is full with the shredded paper contents levelled across the bin.

INFOSTOP AUTOMASTER AS650M - 650 Sheet Auto Feed