Load the Tray and Walk Away!

What Users Think of Their Automatically Feeding Paper Shredders?

The uptake of Automatically Feeding Paper Shredders in many developed countries has over time, only increased in popularity. This is a reminder of how precious our time is at the office, with many conflicting priorities to take care of and often with deadlines.

By automating this imperative task of shredding of your documents, this allows users to tackle those more pressing responsibilities while safe in the knowledge their shredding is securely completed.

Most importantly, the opinion of those who already use automatic feeding paper shredders may be an accurate indicator, if auto feed shredding could be of benefit to your office. Reading over these Auto Feed Shredder Reviews posted by seasoned users of INFOSTOP automaster, Fellowes Automax and Rexel Auto+ auto feeding paper shredder brands, you may better judge what brand and size of shredder may be best for your office.

INFOSTOP automaster Auto feed shredder reviews

Model AS200M

  • Great machine and very easy to use! Highly efficient, really like the auto feed function which makes shredding a breeze. Would highly recommend this shredder.
  • The Automaster AS200M is the perfect shredder for our office. It saves us lots of time with the auto feed function, is extremely quiet and shreds the paper in to extremely tiny pieces. Great value for money, would 100% recommend!
  • Nice machine. Good value. It works!
  • Autofeeder is Very convenient to use - lay down the stack of paper, close the lids and walk away. Quiet too. Fine shreddings makes for secure destruction. Very happy with this purchase.
    The team and service have been fantastic every step of the way - from deeply knowledgeable sales people who tell it like it is, to highly responsive distribution/logistics, to a thoroughly useful website.

Model AS400M

  • The AS400M is a great shredder, it's easy to set up and is such a sleek machine. It handles all of the shredding that we need it to do with ease. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this machine.
  • Great shredder and timesaver. Extremely happy with the service from Shredder Sales. Great communicators and fast delivery.
  • I have used a few but this one is robust and no hitches to date...easy to use. Very Happy.
  • We love this shredder and haven't had any issues so far. Super easy to set up and start using. Arrived quickly and has been hassle free.
  • This is an excellent product. Load the tray, hit start and walk away and get on with your work. Added security feature is great for added privacy. Stapled sheets no problem for this machine. Don't waste time with any other machines, this one well and truly has you covered. Delivered within 2 days interstate.
    Pre purchase and after sales service is second to none. Well done team, you all deserve a pat on the back for a great job.

Model AS1000C

  • We purchased this machine for an open office. Having had a different clunkier machine previously, we have certainly noticed how much quieter this one is. It is very efficient and easy to use. Would recommend.

Fellowes AutomaxAuto feed shredder reviews

Model Automax 200C

  • This was the second shredder of this model we purchased. It has served us well and we have very few issues with it.
  • I was looking for an auto feed product that would be able to readily process an archive box of documents each day. The Fellowes was an economical solution which has satisfied my requirements well.
  • Since day one, this shredder has worked efficiently and without problems. I think it is ideal for the home as well as the office.

Model Automax 350C

  • The Automax works as it should most times, however if it is loaded with too much paper it will not shred efficiently. Overall as expected.

Rexel Auto+ Auto feed shredder reviews

Model Auto+ 200X

  • Purchased this device as had a lot of documents for shredding and the shredder we had would over heat after 2mins.This shredder saves time and lasts longer than any shredder I have used before.

Model Auto+ 600X S/T

  • Great shredder and fantastic sales and after care service.

Model Auto+ 750X

  • My business uses highly sensitive information, so a good shredder is very important. The paper shreds into tiny pieces. We get paper bags instead of plastic, so the whole thing goes into recycling, or staff take it home to compost!

    It's a great time saver, as you just put the pile of paper in, walk away and the shredder does the rest.

    The only thing I'm a little disappointed with is the card/DVD cutter, as it cuts quite wide (into 3 pieces), which doesn't meet our requirements.

    Overall I'm happy with the purchase.

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