As we are all more connected to the rest of the world online, we are able to use this world wide resource to source goods form around the globe. This has the benefit of allowing us to see technologies which may not yet be available in our country, or to find savings in other parts of the world due the differences in economies.

Paper shredding machines are no different, although there is usually little difference between a shredder in Australia and one in say, Brazil. What the online market does for shredding machines, is brings the costs to the consumer down. Most of us have used shredders in our lifetimes, and we know how they work. This gives us confidence to purchase as we perceive the product to be familiar and know what we need without having to speak in length to a, possibly pushy, salesperson.

There can be dangers in this attitude though. Anyone who has looked at purchasing a shredding machine recently will notice the proliferation of smaller units available. Prices have never been more competitive and choice never as large, so it can be overwhelming picking the right model. Even brands these days can’t be relied upon, as more and more manufacturers outsource their production to the cheaper labour markets. This can lead to a degeneration in quality.

The world wide market is here to stay. The convenience and savings cannot be ignored. We as consumers have a powerful tool to ensure online vendors do the right thing, and that is reviews. If consumers make a point of reviewing both good and bad products, manufacturers will be forced to act and produce higher quality goods. This is a great thing for everybody.

If you are considering a new shredder, check in with and check the reviews, before deciding, and always leave a comment so we can continue to better our site and our products.

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