Disposing a Paper Shredder It's Packaging

Disposing a paper shredder correctly

Disposing of Your Old Shredder

Do you have an old shredder that is no longer needed? Here are some ideas on how to dispose of your shredder:

Does the machine still work?

If your machine is still functioning well, then it may worth considering donating to your local op shop/charity. You may also wish to ask your local school if it may be of use to them. Family and friends may also appreciate having a shredder if they don’t already have one. Some councils also have Recycling Markets which you may donate to also.

Is the machine no longer functioning?

Taking your machine to your local Resource Recovery Centre is an easy way to dispose of your old shredder. If you have a larger office/commercial paper shredder, you may want to look up your local scrap metal recycler. They will often come to your location and pick the machine up for you.

Another way to dispose of a shredder is to store it until the next Kerbside Collection that your local council may offer.

We also have Ewaste partners who can recover precious metals from old business machines and devices like paper shreddings. At times if exchanged, free removal may be offered, but most commonly you will need to drop off the shredder at a specified Ewaste location. Our Ewaste partners handle jobs of all sizes from small single devices to the decommissioning of entire fleets of devices large & small. Contact us on 1800 874 733 or info@shreddersales.com.au to discuss the options available.

Disposal of Your New Paper Shredders Packaging

You will be pleased to know, the packaging most business machines and shredders are shipped in are all recyclable, removing your exposure to landfill disposal.

Cardboard boxes may be used again for similar purposes however usually the cardboard recycling bin is the best place to dispose of this easily recyclable resource.
Best to lay boxes flat to get more into your recycling receptacle between empties.

Many plastics can be recycled and with your contribution big or small, environmental sustainability is improved. If the plastic includes a recycle symbol and number, it can more than often be recycled. Recycling methods vary depending on the recycle symbol/number, this will also determine where to dispose of plastics.

Does your office have a green policy in place?

Here are some useful links including strategies and information explaining what the recycle number printed on plastic means and if it is recyclable.

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