Oiling your paper shredder

How often do you need to oil your paper shredder?

To keep your paper shredder performing at its best, it's recommended that every time you empty your shredder you also oil it. If you're shredder is being emptied more than once per week, weekly oiling is recommended and more often when heavily used.

What's the best way to oil your shredder?

An easy method of applying paper shredder oil is to get 4 pieces of paper, place the oil in between the 2 middle sheets and run through your shredder. Oiling this way will be sure not to create a mess and keep oil away from sensors. Watch our video below to demonstrate how to oil your paper shredder.

It is important to never apply anything other than the specified shredder oil. Using lubricants like WD40, & RP7 can cause harm to your shredder.

Remember, keep your paper shredder oiled to keep that dust and debris away and keep it working like new.

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