What are Paper Shredders?

Paper shredders cut paper in to particles or strips of varying sizes depending on the security level of your machine. Available in many different sizes, paper shredders are available for your home, office and also industrial use for high volume paper shredding.

Information leaks can be a serious matter and one that can be easily prevented by using the right paper shredder to shred all confidential documents. Risk management policies will often call for certain documents such as employee and company information to be shredded on the spot. Also called “Shred on Demand”. Not using secure methods of disposal could have detrimental consequences.

High security paper shredders will destroy your information into thousands of unreadable pieces. There are a few security options to be aware of when buying a paper shredder. Some being cross cut (also known as diamond cut), confetti cut, micro cut and super micro cut. There is also a security level called strip cut (often called straight cut or spaghetti cut) which will strip your documents in to strips. Not providing a high level of security, strip cut paper shredders are often used to create packaging rather than destroy sensitive information.

Whether it’s only a small volume or thousands of sheets of paper it is important to purchase the correct machine for you. We can help you find the most suitable size and security level from our large range of models. Tip: Cross cut paper shredders will create less waste and provide higher levels of security than strip cut paper shredders.

A common concern that often triggers the use of a paper shredder at home is identify theft. Heavy duty paper shredders are being used to prevent information, security risks and breaches throughout businesses and Government Office’s. Heavy duty commercial paper shredders are designed to not overheat and also not be easily overloaded. They can also shred much faster with some shredding over a ream of paper each minute.

Many paper shredders can also shred optical media such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray offering further security with dedicated optical media shredders also available.


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