It seems not long ago relatively speaking, the ability to shred printed paper stacks automatically was only a dream, something like that of a science fiction context.

Times have changed like many things and shredding stacks of unwanted, sensitive documents while focussing on other tasks around the office has become reality.

Welcome to the world of paper shredders that shred your documents by the stack, automatically! These clever machines have evolved at a rapid pace, especially over the last 10 years and have become increasingly improved.

Hand Load Automaster Lock Automaster CD automaster Micro Cut vs Ruler

It is now possible to load a stack of paper and leave the shredder to do the shredding for you, without any supervision. These machines have become so well perfected, they can even:

  • Auto feed fastened sets of documents attached with paper clips and staples.
  • Feed paper of various conditions, even in poor condition.
  • Feed A4 document sizes.
  • Be Locked, Preventing Access to Un-shredded Stacks of Paper.
  • Some brands including INFOSTOP, REXEL & Swingline, will also auto feed smaller paper sizes, including A5.

Automatic feeding paper shredders that reliably shred without assistance, are generally slower to shred paper compared to manually fed shredders, however this does not really matter to users with the main advantage being the considerable time savings enjoyed. With this in mind, there have been great leaps forward in the area of noise reduction, reducing noise to a tolerable level. Now operation is not a distraction and telephone conversations can easily be held without the inconvenience of interrupting ambient noise levels.

Many auto feed shredder brands are great allrounders catering for several different needs including:

  • P-3, P-4 and P-5 Security Levels.
  • Cross Cut and Micro Cross Cut.
  • Wide Range of Continuous Run Times.
  • Various Sizes of Auto Feed Trays, Mostly From 50 - 650 Sheets
  • Lockable Paper Trays Stopping Unauthorised Access of Un-shredded Stacks of Paper.
  • Ability to Also Shred CD / DVD, Blu-ray Discs and Credit / ID Cards.
  • Greatly Reduced Shredded Waste Volumes by Cross Cut and Micro Cut Shredding
  • Various Waste Capacities.

To reduce shredded waste and emptying the bin, some brands offer a comprehensive choice of micro-cut models. These higher security shredders produce less than half the waste of their cross-cut equivalents and prove a compelling option. With standard cross-cut mostly ranging in size from 4x30mm to 4x50mm particles, the micro-cut models at least halve the shredded waste by shredding paper significantly finer, ranging from 2x12mm - 4x12mm particles. The picture below illustrates expected waste reduction compared to standard cross-cut, using a 4x10mm micro cut INFOSTOP automaster AS200M model being used.

Shreds automaster Bin automaster Sweep automaster

Some INFOSTOP automaster models include a particle sweeper or upper partition, this helps to distribute the shredded paper evenly as it approaches the top of the bin. The benefits of these inclusions are a properly full bin without overflowing before turning off and mess free emptying.

Well considered shredder brands usually offer categories with a good balance of security, stack capacity, continuous run time and waste reduction. More professional auto feed shredder brands available in Australia and New Zealand include DAHLE, INFOSTOP, FELLOWES and REXEL.

The consumer will find it easier to choose an auto feed shredder, from brands that have consolidated their range to smaller 2x12mm - 4x12mm particle sizes, providing the best of both worlds and simplifying the selection process. A good example of this is the INFOSTOP automaster range.

INFOSTOP, FELLOWES and REXEL brands offer many sizes of auto feed shredders from Smaller Models for the Work From Home Office to models for Medium Sized Offices and Large Capacity for offices and departments with many users.

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