Cardboard Shredders

Our world has become significantly more focused on sustainable solutions to immediately benefit our environment and for our future generations.

Companies are playing an increasingly active role, practising their sustainability vision and values by converting cardboard, which is normally a readily available resource, into an effective packaging material.
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Cardboard Perforating Shredders are the instrument that converts cardboard into effective, protective packaging, that makes environmental and commercial sense. The sheer simplicity, affordability and effectiveness of Cardboard Perforating Shredders is the driver behind the ever increasing popularity of these resourceful machines.
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The process of converting cardboard into a protective packaging material is highly efficient because unlike recycling, this process does not require a remanufacturing process. Of course, perforated cardboard can be reused, remaining just as effective as the day it was converted, however can still be recycled with your general cardboard recycling to be remanufactured. When using a Cardboard Perforating Shredder, this lessens the volume of outbound cardboard leaving for traditional recycling collection which can help save money due to less frequent or no collection visits by your cardboard recycling company.

You will notice when corrugated cardboard has been converted through a Cardboard Perforating Shredder, it becomes flexible, easily formable and springy with greater volume.
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Once perforated, the cardboard is mouldable and stretchable, easily shaped to whatever product requires protection. Perforated cardboard also remains in one piece once converted, for users this adds to convenience and mess free handling.  

Converting carboard into packing and void fill material, empowers companies to be more self-sufficient, reducing their reliance and costs associated with traditional, single use plastics including bubble wrap and polystyrene pieces.
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The process of creating perforated cardboard is fast and operation is straight forward. Because perforated cardboard can be created on demand, there is less need to stockpile various quantities of packaging supplies. In fact, an infinitely adjustable cardboard guide enables perforating to custom widths up to a maximum of 430mm, catering for many product sizes being shipped.

The benefits of Cardboard Perforating Shredders are already being enjoyed by:

  • Warehouses
  • Despatching & Distribution Centres
  • Online Businesses
  • e-commerce Fulfillment Providers
  • 3PL Outsourcing Centres
  • Liquor Distributors
  • E-commerce Channels
  • Reverse Logistics Operations

Recipients receiving your products packaged in perforated cardboard is mess free. Shipping products using perforated cardboard projects a positive message of your commitment to a reliable packing material and a sustainable, environmentally responsible solution.

Cardboard Perforating Shredders are such a convenient, sensible and cost saving solution being embraced by the masses. Why? With immediate environmental and cost saving benefits that are hard to ignore, it’s not surprising there is an ever increasing demand for these machines to repurpose cardboard. As an environmentally responsible and cost effective device that instantly adds value to an existing resource, by recycling waste cardboard boxes, dumped cardboard into landfill after single use is reduced.

The CSIRO, ASPIRE Project 2015 contains useful information in relation to Cardboard Repurposing and creation of alternate packaging material from cardboard box waste. Reliance on cardboard boxes for packaging equates to large volumes of waste cardboard circulating throughout the supply chain around the world. While cardboard recycling networks exist, it is often reported by SME’s that cardboard is one waste product that is still mostly sent to landfill, representing a great opportunity for innovative recycling solutions. One solution available in Australia lies with cardboard box recycling machines that are locally available, enabling a convenient means to convert waste cardboard boxes into a sustainable recycled and professional packaging material. Cardboard box recycling machines are also referred to as cardboard shredders and cardboard perforators.

While online purchasing and contactless transactions continue to grow, so does an increase in freight consignments. Covid-19 is, without doubt, the key driver behind the world of contact free transactions becoming the preferred purchasing method. With reduced customer facing transactions, suppliers have been faced with new challenges to meet this increased demand including increased consignments and increased use of packaging materials. As businesses are better educated about sustainable packing solutions, the widespread use of Cardboard Perforating Shredders has increased in popularity with no sign of slowing.

The reliance on a reliable supply chain can be reduced or even eliminated with the decreased need for other packaging materials including poly beans, bubble wrap, paper, polystyrene, blocks and bubble bag packaging.

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