Saving JMACX Off-Road Solutions time, money and boosting their green credentials

INFOSTOP GREENWAY CB‑410 cardboard perforating shredder

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The Challenge

JMACX Off-Road Solutions sells a huge range of off the shelf and custom made, off road vehicle components. It is extremely important that their customers receive their products on good order.

Since the formation of JMACX Off-Road Solutions, this company has used single use plastic packaging and foam pieces to protect goods during transit to customers. This way was proving inefficient, costly and messy.


The Solution

The INFOSTOP GREENWAY CB-410, quickly perforates cardboard, converting this readily available material into a very useful eco-friendly packaging and void fill material by simply feeding into the machine.

This positioned JMACX Off-Road Solutions to recycle and repurpose their surplus cardboard waste by converting into an effective and versatile packaging material. Immediately, the need for single use plastics such as bubble wrap and polystyrene to protect their goods from damage was instantly removed.

Perforated cardboard packaging

Immediate Benefits Enjoyed

  • Eliminated added packaging costs
  • Boosted green credentials
  • Lowered carbon footprint
  • Eliminated mess for customers
  • Reduced cardboard collection costs
  • Projects an eco-friendly image to customers
  • Easy to operate machine
  • Quick and easy to create packing on demand

JMACX Off-Road Solutions found the perforated cardboard has effective shock absorption characteristics and is found to be just as effective for protecting products and could also moulded and shaped around product and also used to create void fill, further protecting items during transit.

"The INFOSTOP GREENWAY CB-410 is a great machine, changing the way we pack from here on out!"
JMACX Off-Road Solutions

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