Paper, it’s everywhere and has been for thousands of years. Paper is the print media information carrier of choice and for many good reasons. Being surrounded with so much paper-based information, over time this builds up and is rarely accessed, eventually wasting valuable space in the office.

Commonly stored records kept over long periods have relevance, hence why they are retained.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor should the task of digitising stored records be. Digitising paper-based information involves carefully checking the relevance of the information, scanning & saving chosen digital copies then destroying the paper once successfully scanned. This process can be outsourced but for many, the preference is to take control of this work in house, being familiar with the documents information and knowing what to scan and what not to.

A key key process to keeping the office paperless is to scan then shred these stacks of documents on an ongoing basis. Shredding is important due to compliance with privacy regulations and being the most secure destruction method that is instant and completed on demand.

Having the ability to shred on demand provides instant protection of your confidential data. Whilst paper is accumulated in stacks, when is comes time to shred, many just dont have time to feed the shredder, this is why having an automatic paper shredder usually is of the greatest benefit keeping your office paperless.