Tips to Make Your Automatic Feeding Paper Shredder Work Better

Over time without recommended user maintenance, the performance of a paper shredder can decline if ignored. Similar to poor print quality by not replacing toner in a printer, without simple user maintenance, a shredders hand feed sheet capacity or ability to auto feed paper can decline.

The best resource to learn about your shredders user maintenance is by reading the operation manual which often can be downloaded from the manufacturers website.

Based on common user feedback and available data, here are some corrective actions user manuals will often outline.

Low Hand Feeding Sheet Capacity
If the sheet capacity is lower than normal, the manual will usally recommend oiling the shredders blades using recommended oil sheets or bottled shredder oil. In both casses, the oil needs to be applied via the manual feed paper entry. Using oil sheets is convenient and mess free whereas when using bottled oil, it's best to apply the shredder oil between sheets when feeding paper to prevent oil contacting the paper sensors. It's strongly advised to only use the oil recommended by the shredder manufacturer to avoid unforseen failure and to maintain the manufacturers warranty. Another consequence of using the wrong shredder oil such as a generic type is a reaction with plastics and subsequent degradation, breaking up and falling apart.

No or Slow Auto Feeding
If the shredder hesitates auto feeding paper, sometimes dirty rubber auto feed rollers or belts will be the cause. Often the user manual will outline how to clean rubber auto feed rollers or belts to restore your shredders auto feeding function. With the shredder unplugged from the power source, using a lightly dampened micro fibre cloth, thoroughly clean over the rubber roller or belt surface, advancing around until the entire surface is clean. Before reconnecting the power supply plug to start the shredder, wait until the rubber surfaces have completely dried, this process will go a long way towards restoring the auto feeding of your shredder. It should be noted however, rubber rollers or belts are perishable items which can deteriorate beyond restoration due to wear and tear or contamination from exposure to shredder oil incorrectly applied.

Signs rubber rollers or belts need replacing are:

  • Rubber missing.
  • Rollers falling apart.
  • Rubber torn.
  • Reduced roller diameter from wear.
  • Variable roller or belt size from swelling and contamination.

Similar to an air filter, these consumable items will eventually require replacement. Purchase replacement auto feed roller cartridges and kits on the website.

Automatic Feeding Shredder Brands designed with rubber auto feed rollers and belts include Dahle Shredmatic, Gold Soverign, HP AF, HSM Securio AF, INFOSTOP Automaster, Intimus, Kobra AF, Rexel Auto+ and Rexel Optimum ranges.

Shredder Wont Turn Off
If your shredder wont stop operating once finished shredding, most likely your shredder has dirty manual feed or auto feed paper photocells sensors. The user manual should illustrate locations of the paper shredders photocell sensors to clean. With the shredder unplugged from the power source, using a small brush and/or lightly dampened micro fibre cloth, clean over the photocell sensors surface. Before reconnecting to the power source, wait until the photocells sensors surface have completely dried.

Following these tips will likey resolve faults with your paper shredder, however if extra help is needed, contact the helpful team at Shredder Sales:
P 1800 808 880