Smart WFH office products make working from home more efficient, seamless and productive. It goes without saying for most working from home, often space is more confined in these environments and are more sensitive to noise.

With so many of us now working at times from home, when adding or replacing office machines in your WFH office, choosing quiet and efficient office devices such as printers and paper shredders is another consideration to investigate.

Automating tasks where possible adds efficiency to the WHF office and in terms of shredding paper, automatic feeding shredders make it easy to acheive this objective.

When is comes to chooing a suitable WFH paper shredder, thinking about size and where the shredder is to be positioned will clarify if castor wheels are required or not. It is not recommended to place a paper shredder with castors on a bench in case it rolls off, while having castors fitted when positioned on a floor adds to to the convenience and ease of mobility when required. Some shredders are supplied with castors that can be fitted or left off according to your requirements. If having castors is on your shredder shopping list, it's best to first check they are supplied with the machine before buying.

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